Keith Richards Slams Adele For Using Other Songwriters

Adele is undoubtedly the biggest star on the planet right now, with people across the globe falling for the star’s beautiful and personal songs about love, heartache, and everything inbetween.

However, one person who isn’t impressed is The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards, who has taken a swipe at the mother-of-one for using other songwriters to help craft her album.

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Erm, we’re pretty sure she does do the majority herself though, Keith.

The 72-year-old rocker had a full-on rant about the music industry of today and when asked by Time Out London magazine whether he thought it was “crazy” that people liek Adele and Rihanna used songwriters he responded: “Well, they can’t rely on themselves, can they?”

Ooft, burn.

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Adele used eleven other songwriters to help her with her smash hit album ‘25’, but most of the lyrics are drawn from her own personal experiences.

Keith didn’t stop with Adele and RiRi, going on to slam shows such as The X Factor and the fame-hungry contestants.

He seethed: “[Music] goes round in cycles. We’re in the midst of a heavy duty 'showbiz’ period, even stronger than when we killed it last time. 'The X Factor’ and all this competition sh*t. It’s just for people who want to be famous.

"Well, if it’s fame you want, good luck. You’d better learn to live with it.”

Keith’s Rolling Stones’ bandmate Ronnie Wood clearly doesn’t feel the same as he appeared on the hit ITV show back in December 2014 to perform alongside One Direction.

Either way, we’re sure that Keith’s comments won’t be keeping Simon Cowell or Adele up at night…