Keith Urban determined to 'impress' Nicole Kidman with his shows

Keith Urban tries to "impress" his wife Nicole Kidman with his concerts.

The 56-year-old country artist has been married to the Hollywood actress, 56, since 2006, and admits he still gets "fired up" when his wife is in the audience watching him perform.

Speaking to PEOPLE, he said: "It fires me up a bit more. I try to impress her."

As well as his spouse – with whom he has daughters Sunday, 15, and 13-year-old Faith - the 'Somebody Like You' hitmaker still wants to make his father, Bob Urban – who passed away in December 2015 – proud.

He continued: "I feel like I'm still trying to make my dad proud, and I think my dad was proud years ago.

"My dad's not even alive anymore and I still feel like I'm trying to get his approval. So certain things just stay part of my fire."

Recently, Keith announced his 10-show Las Vegas residency at hotel Fontainebleau’s BleuLive Theater, which has been named 'High'.

The chart-topper – who saw the venue open in December 2023 – dubbed the building "magical", and emphasised he flourishes in front of big audiences.

He said: "I think the room's quite magical. I got to see it maybe two weeks before the grand opening, so they hadn't even finished. They were still finishing it out and it just felt really special right there and then.

"It has a really big [general admission] area, so I thrive off that kind of thing, so I'm looking forward to building the show in there."

Keith also revealed the only difficulty about performing in Las Vegas was the diverse audience – with some on-lookers being bigger fans than others - though insisted he tries to get everyone "connected and into it as fast as possible".

He explained: "The only challenge I get in Vegas is obviously you've got a big mix of people. You've got some hardcore fans, you've got some people that know some of your songs, but you've always got people that don’t know anything that I do, and they're just curious.

"I try and get everyone connected and into it as fast as possible."