Kel Mitchell thanks supporters after claiming ‘cheating’ ex-wife was impregnated by other men during their marriage

The "Good Burger" star claimed in a "Club Shay Shay" interview that ex-wife Tyisha Hampton "ended up getting pregnant by another guy” during their marriage.

Kel Mitchell is feeling grateful for the “outpouring of love, personal stories, and breakthroughs” he’s received in the wake of his explosive Club Shay Shay interview. 

During a lengthy conversation with host Shannon Sharpe, the Good Burger star, 45, discussed his falling out with costar Kenan Thompson, his mental health struggles, and claimed that his ex-wife Tyisha Hampton not only cheated and got pregnant by other men during their marriage, but that she also put a "hex" on him that required him to be exorcised

“Dear everyone, I am deeply moved by the outpouring of love, personal stories, and breakthroughs you’ve shared after my Club Shay Shay interview. Your support means the world to me,” Mitchell wrote on Instagram on Thursday. “I will continue to pray for you and please pray for me.” 

The actor then shared quotes from the Bible and authors Rick Warren and Aldous Huxley before concluding, “Healed people heal people.”

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Kel Mitchell

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In the post’s caption, Mitchell also thanked his current wife Asia Lee, whom he married in 2012, for “your unwavering encouragement and the way you empower me every day.” He added, “I love you deeply! You are a gift from God. God knew my heart needed you. Thank you to my family and friends for all the love.”

Hampton, who was married to Mitchell from 1999 until 2005, refuted her ex-husband’s claims in two separate TikTok videos.

“This man is lying about abortions. Just the fact that you’re even lying about abortions is crazy,” she said in one clip. “That’s really crazy work. But then also to state that because of these fake abortions, because of cheating you wanted to — because of me cheating — this man said he wanted to kill himself? Just think about how narcissistic that sounds.”

In a follow-up video, Hampton, who shares son Lyric with Mitchell, claimed that the All That alum’s “math is not mathing” and that his allegations couldn’t have been about her. “The very first time that I had sex, I was impregnated with my son, who is here and he’s alive and well,” she explained. “There could not have been an abortion between any of that because obviously, that’s not how that works.”

While visiting Club Shay Shay, Mitchell claimed that Hampton had an abortion prior to the birth of their son Lyric and later informed him that “the baby that was aborted wasn’t mine.” He continued, “So, within that process, you are immediately married within a lie. This was right at the beginning.”

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Describing their marriage as “a very toxic relationship,” Mitchell alleged that there were “other times” that Hampton had “gotten pregnant” by other men while they were together, but that he was "goofy" and still “stuck around." It all came to a head, he said, one evening when Hampton didn’t come home, so he went out to search for her.

At the time, Mitchell noted that he and his wife weren’t “having sex anymore” and that there was a “situation” between her and “one of her friends who used to come over” while he was at work. “I got in the whip, went driving around, saw her whip. I saw it at the hotel. I go to the lobby… and it turns out the dude just came walking down the lobby about to go to the car. My car that she was driving,” he recalled. “I’m like, ‘Oh, OK, what’s up? Take me upstairs.'”

After discovering Hampton in the room, Mitchell said that he “walked out” of the situation, but later returned because he felt “disrespected.” While he did not specify what occurred, Mitchell noted that authorities were called to the hotel and that an officer personally recommended to him that he “get out of the situation” that he’d found himself in with his wife. 

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Mitchell “still stayed around” following the incident because the couple was “trying to make it work for the kids, but it just wasn’t working out.” He claimed that he later discovered Hampton had “ended up getting pregnant by another guy.” When he went to the hospital with her, a doctor notified them that she’d “lost the baby.”

He said their marriage eventually came to an end when he received a phone call in which Hampton revealed that there was another man that she wanted to be with moving forward.

Watch Mitchell discuss his first marriage and mental health in the clip above.

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