Kelly Clarkson Performs Weezer's 'Say It Ain't So' with Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson for Kellyoke

"I've literally never been cool in my life until now," exclaimed Clarkson after performing the rock band's signature 1994 hit

Did anyone predict a Weezer and Kelly Clarkson duet for 2024?

Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson appeared on the May 15 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, and they teamed up with the "Since U Been Gone" singer to perform a duet rendition of "Say It Ain't So" before chatting about the 30th anniversary of the band's 1994 debut album.

The performance opened the episode as part of the show's Kellyoke segment. Cuomo and Clarkson split the lead vocals, with the American Idol adding some of her signature powerhouse belting into the mix. After the performance, she squatted and threw her arms in the air in excitement.

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<p>Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty</p> Rivers Cuomo, Kelly Clarkson and Patrick Wilson

Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty

Rivers Cuomo, Kelly Clarkson and Patrick Wilson

“This is the best day. This happened. I’ve literally never been cool in my life until now,” exclaimed the talk show host, 41. “I’m trying not to smile and be cool.”

Later in the episode, the Weezer members spoke to Clarkson (and fellow celebrity guest Brooke Shields) about the band's upcoming tour, which will celebrate Weezer (Blue Album) and its hits "Say It Ain't So," "Buddy Holly" and "Undone — The Sweater Song."

Clarkson recalled seeing the band in concert years ago. "I’m not kidding. I told y’all in rehearsal. I didn’t even know if y’all knew I was there," she said. "It was years ago, but it was one of the coolest shows — not just musically, like sonic, everything. The video was cool. You put on a hell of a show, I’m just saying. You should go check them out."

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Weezer will hit the road in September for its Voyage to the Blue Planet Tour with The Flaming Lips and Dinosaur Jr. — and the shows will feature a very special set from the "Beverly Hills" band.

"We’re gonna play our first album front to back and another set of hits and some B-sides from the ‘90s," teased Cuomo, 53. "We want to make some kind of spaceship that we fly in and land on this blue planet and then play the album."

The lead singer and guitarist also reflected on the Blue Album, simply telling Clarkson, "I love the album myself. I love playing those songs."

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