Kelly Performs Viral Song "Shoes"

Youtube sensation Kelly pictured performing in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. On Sunday, Kelly made an appearance at a Pride event in LA to perform her viral song "Shoes." Credit - Getty Images—2006 Getty Images

If you were on the internet in the mid-aughts when YouTube exploded in popularity, then you most likely know Kelly. The character, created and portrayed by actor Liam Kyle Sullivan, went viral in 2006 for the song and video “Shoes.”

In it, Kelly goes on a hunt for a pair of shoes after receiving an underwhelming birthday present from her parents. We hear her monotonous yet enthusiastic opinions about which shoes “rule” and which ones “suck.” The original video has now been viewed over 69 million times, and Kelly became a beloved recurring character in popular videos of that era, like "Text Message Breakup" and "Let Me Borrow That Top."

Eighteen years later, Kelly performed “Shoes” for a Pride event in Los Angeles on Sunday—and the crowd’s response showed that she has not been forgotten. The unexpected performance went viral as videos of the event spread online and amassed millions of views in a testament to the enduring impact of Kelly, and her hilarious, unforgettable song.

One TikTok creator's upload of the performance alone garnered over two million views, while another video on X reached over five million.

In the performance from Monday, the crowd can be heard welcoming Kelly to the stage to lively applause, and she takes a second to take in the moment. The collective glee is palpable from the moment she says the first line: “Shoes.”

“Now THIS is pride,” one comment reads on TikTok. Others recalled watching the iconic video at a young age and shared that it was the first viral video they remember watching. “I don't think people truly understand the cultural impact this had,” wrote one person on X.

Kelly’s appearance all these years later shows the staying power of great, original content. “Shoes” will always live on.

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