Kelly Rowland Filmed Having Tense Exchange With Security at Cannes

In a now-viral video from Cannes, Kelly Rowland was filmed having what appeared to be a tense exchange with an usher at the premiere of Marcello Mio on Tuesday evening.

In the clip that circulated on social media, the singer navigated the red carpet, posing for photos and waving to onlooking fans. An usher directed her to ascend the steps of the Palais des Festivals, curtailing her time in front of the cameras. As she made her way up the staircase, a group of ushers signaled for her to walk on the right side. One usher, a woman in a black suit, appeared to rush the Destiny’s Child alum, touching her arm. The usher then accidentally stepped on the singer’s gown.

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Rowland then appeared to tell the usher to not worry, smiling. However, the usher persistently kept touching the singer’s arm and said something that appeared to upset the artist. Rowland then reprimanded her, though it had little effect.

Eventually, a man intervened, speaking with the usher while Rowland attempted to proceed up the stairs. A woman accompanying Rowland also confronted the usher, seemingly questioning her actions. The usher then touched the woman accompanying the singer, seemingly pushing the group toward the theater’s doors.

A lip reading expert told Page Six that Rowland appeared to tell the usher during their exchange, “Don’t talk to me like that. Don’t talk to me like that. You’re not my mother. I told you not to talk to me like that.”

Red carpet security at Cannes is known for being strict, often rushing attendees into the theater so films can start promptly without delaying the festival’s schedule. In 2018, Cannes prohibited selfies on the red carpet to prevent guests from lingering outside before screenings; those who break the rules are often met with their phones being grabbed or security covering the camera lens.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Rowland’s rep.

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