Kelvin Fletcher admits he watches 'hilarious' Clarkson's Farm for tips for his Peak District farm

Kelvin Fletcher admits he watches 'hilarious' Clarkson's Farm for tips for his Peak District farm

Former Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher has admitted he and his wife Liz Marsland are "huge fans" of "hilarious" Clarkson's Farm and often pick up tips for their own farm.

The couple transitioned from urban living to rural bliss when they decided to take on a 120-acre farm located within the Peak District National Park in 2022.

Three years on and their life now involves a blend of farming duties and parenting their children - Marnie, aged seven, Milo, aged four, and one year old twins Mateusz and Maximus.

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The actor, 40, who played Andy Sugden in Emmerdale for 20 years, and his wife and fellow actor Liz appeared on This Morning yesterday (Monday, May, 6) to discuss the triumphs and challenges of the past few years as he said they have "never looked back."

Discussing how much their life has changed Kelvin Fletcher said: "I own a shed full of sheep three years ago I didn't even have a dog!" Whilst wife Liz added: "I used to wear heels and little dresses in Manchester and now I'm constantly covered in mud!"

Asked what inspired them to make the bold move Kelvin said: "To be honest I don't know, I get asked that every day and you'd think by now I would have come up with a really articulate explanation but it's just funny how things kind of come about.

Kelvin Fletcher admits he watches 'hilarious' Clarkson's Farm for tips for his Peak District farm
Kelvin Fletcher admits he watches 'hilarious' Clarkson's Farm for tips for his Peak District farm -Credit:ITV

"We were actually supposed to move to California of all things, I think we just subconsciously wanted just a different way of life, I don't know what we wanted we just wanted something different and we found a little picturesque farm in the middle of the Peak District, we viewed it and we thought we'd give it ago and three years later we've never looked back.

"I never thought we'd have animals, we got a few sheep and before you know it we've got a shed full now and it's just been a rollercoaster but yeah it's been amazing." Liz added: "I could have been on the beach right now but instead we're in the barn!"

Asked what its like looking after 120 acres every day, Liz said: "It's hectic, its crazy, its full on, its chaotic, and that's as well as four kids who I think are the biggest animals on the farm! It's pretty crazy but we love it, we never look back."

Kelvin : "The farming is the easy bit it's the kids! We've got twins at two, little Milo at five and Marnie at seven so looking after the kids is the hardest thing.

"The nature of having animals is like having children, you've got the constant worry of are they going to be ok, it can be tough, that's the nature of farming I guess, you have to understand there is ups and there's downs, we are still beginners, this is only our third year of farming, we're still on that journey of discovery, every day we're learning something new, it's been a huge learning curve for us.

Presenter Josie Gibson asked how involved the children are, Liz responded: "That's one of my favourite things about moving to the farm and how involved the kids are, they have to be involved because they have to be with us all the time, we can't just leave them in the house fending for themselves they're too young so they've really kind of been with us on this journey from Day ONE and learnt along with us.

"We give them a lot of responsibilities and they know what their responsibilities are and they love it, they really thrive from it. One of the twins Mateusz, who is only two, he is a keen farmer, you cannot get him inside so we might have some free labour there in a few years!"

Asked about similar farming shows such as Clarkson's Farm and Matt Baker's: Our Farm in the Dales, Kelvin said: "We love watching them all, they're all unique in their own way, Clarkson has got a huge endeavour there and it's hilarious as well.

"We watch all the other farming shows to pick up some tips, you see things on them and think I wonder if we can make that work for our farm as well. We are huge fans of all the other shows.

"For us and our farm its all about the living, it's a small family run farm, we just want to live off the land and enjoy a great lifestyle with the kids."

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