Kendall Jenner Lured Onto The Wrong Boat By 'Random Men' In Cannes

It has been reported that Kendall Jenner was tricked into getting onto a boat with a group of random men whilst she was in Cannes, France.

The star was trying to enter a star-studded party onboard billionaire Paul Allen’s yacht when a group of European guys hoodwinked her and lured her onto their boat instead.

We have to admit, this is actually kind of scary.

The men are said to have taken “great amusement” in fooling Kendall but thankfully she was able to convince them to take her back to shore when she realised her mistake, with the Daily Mail claiming that she described the group as “random Eurotrash guys”.

We’re just glad that she was able to get to where she needed to be safely after such a worrying encounter.

The model and TV star was in Cannes with her mother Kris Jenner and in a recent interview Kendall admitted that her mum is the person she turns to whenever she is feeling down.

The 20-year-old explained: “When things get really bad, and I’m really down, I call my mum. She listens to me - which is so important - and gives really good advice.

"I feel lucky to have such a strong support system when things get rough and feel overwhelming.”