Kendrick Lamar and Drake get personal as they release new diss tracks hours apart

Kendrick Lamar and Drake have both released new diss tracks as the feud between them intensifies with brutal verses dragging in their families.

Lamar earlier this week replied to two tracks by Drake with Euphoria - where he called the Canadian rapper a "scam artist".

On Friday, Drake responded with Family Matters, hitting back: "Why you never hold your son and tell him say cheese. We could have left the kids out of this don't blame me."

The lyrics seem to be a reposte to Lamar questioning his abilities as a father on Euphoria.

In his latest release, Drake - the world's most-streamed hip hop artist - also seemed to suggest one of Lamar's children had been fathered by someone else.

Kendrick Lamar got just as personal in his almost immediate response, Meet the Grahams, which mentions Drake's son Adonis, as well as his mother and father - Sandra and Dennis Graham.

"Dear Adonis, I'm sorry that that man is your father. Let me be honest, it takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive," Lamar states.

Drake and Lamar - whose fourth album won a Pulitzer Prize - have for years been exchanging thinly veiled barbs.

But the flurry of diss tracks shows how their animosity has become more personal and a lot less subtle.

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Last month, Drake released Push Ups, which mocked Lamar's collaborations with Taylor Swift and pop group Maroon 5.

He followed it with Taylor Made Freestyle, another opus that called Lamar a coward for failing to respond.

That track caused controversy as it used an AI-generated voice of Tupac Shakur - with the late rapper's estate threatening to sue.

Lamar replied earlier this week with Euphoria, where he told Drake: "You're not a rap artist, you a scam artist with the hopes of being accepted".