Kenny Miller in Rangers red card meltdown as he doubles down on Lundstram defence in heated Sky panel clash

Kenny Miller was getting heated in his continued defence of John Lundstram as the Sky Sports pundit doubled down on his red card assessment in the face of universal opposition.

The Rangers midfielder was booked by Willie Collum after a late one on Alistair Johnston. But Steven MacLean called Collum over to the VAR monitor for another look and in slow motion, the whistler felt he;d been too lenient on the Scouser and sent him up the tunnel. It was. huge bow for Rangers, who had just halved the deficit through Cyriel dessers after finding themselves 2-0 down and floundering at Parkhead.

A packed Sky panel included Neil Lennon, Kris Boyd and James McFadden as well as Miller and Chris Sutton in the commentary gantry. During the game, Miller was the only member of the Sky Sports lineup that felt it wasn't a red card. When asked if he'd changed his mind, he doubled down while his punditry colleagues tried to make him see reason.

Miller: "I understand why it's a red card, in this day and age when you slow things down and you put the point of contact. John Lundstram's foot is planted right against the side of Alistair Johnston's leg. But what I would say is had VAR not been there, nobody is moaning that that's not a red card. It's a yellow card, no doubt about it. I understand why it's a red card but when you see it in real time. yeah he's fast-"

McFadden: "'s a red card mate. Come on."

Miller: "Hang fire James, I've just given you the reason why I don't think it's a red card."

McFadden: "It's a red card."

Miller: "It's a yellow card for me. VAR comes in, intervenes and it's clearly when he slows it down, it's always going to be a red card when he gets called to the monitor. Had there not been VAR, nobody would have asked for that to be a red card. Simple."

Sutton: "It's a red card in the 1970s Kenny."

Miller: "Absolutely not Chris."

McFadden: "You need VAR to see the point of contact. I know you talk about slowing it down, but when you see it full pace, he catches him above the ankle. He's out of control and he's endangering an opponent.

Miller: "He's not out of control!"

McFadden: "Of course he is!"

Miller: "No he's not! He's running fast to go to a ball! You need run fast! He's allowed to slide and he's allowed to run fast."

McFadden: "He's not allowed to put his studs above his ankle."

Miller: "Yeah but that's not out of control."

McFadden: "So he meant it then?"

Miller: "To kick Alistair Johnston? Absolutely not. He meant to go and win the ball. Alistair Johnston plants his foot. he; snot out of control. He is not out of control. Listen, in this day and wage with VAR, slowed down, that is a red card. I get it. But for me, if VAR's not there, nobody is moaning that's not a red card."

Sutton: "I think the heat is getting to Kenny."

Lennon: "Kenny, he's cost them. They got back into the game. It's reckless and you know, it's a fine line in these games. If he's going to go in and I understand what he's trying to do, he's going in to leave one on Alistair Johnston and I get that. Myself and Chris have done that over the years. "

Sutton: "Speak for yourself!"

Lennon: "But he's got it wrong. He's late and he's high and he could have done a lot more damage to Alistair Johnston. It's the correct call, whether you like it or not. We've got VAR now and that is to stamp out these sort of challenges. When I first saw it, I thought 'aw aye, yeah, he's left a mark on him' but when you see it again in slow motion, the referee's got no option but to send him off."

Miller: "And I've said I agree with that. But I still don't like the rule, I don't like VAR and I don't like the way it's slowed down. If VAR's not there, nobody moans about that being a yellow card. Simple as that."

McFadden: "I think if VAR's not there you're saying we need VAR to get that correct."

Miller: "They're trying to eradicate all kind of contact now. See now? Every contact at any time a tackle is made, needs to be a yellow or needs to be a red. "

Sutton: "That was a ridiculous challenge. John Lundstram, out of control reckless and endangering his opponent."

Miller: "Alright, okay, you want me just to say it's a red card and we can all move on?!"

Boyd: "Kenny, I would love to stick up for you but I just think-"

Miller: "Listen Boydy, I don't need anyone to stick up for me mate. I can stick to my opinion. VAR is rubbish and it always intervenes, whether it's right or not. To the laws of the game I understand, it;s a red card."

Sutton: "What about a bit of criticism for John Lundstram?"

Boyd: "if it's one of your teammates Kenny, you would have ben unhappy. You'd be raging in terms of having got yourself back in it. Get back in at half-time, make a couple of tactical subs. When you go to ground there and you see it again...

McFadden: "You can make that argument if he takes the ball and goes through the man, but he doesn;t get any of the ball. he just takes the man out above the ankle."

Miller: "Are we still going on about this?"