Kent man, 71, lifts a whopping 91kg in regional powerlifting record

Brent preparing for his competiton
-Credit: (Image: Body Mentors)

A 71-year-old man from Sevenoaks smashed regional records in his first powerlifting competition.Now hooked on the sport, Brent Gebbie broke the record three times while bench pressing in the South East Powerlifting Spring Divisional.

Brent Gebbie gave it his all with bench presses of 81kg, 85kg and then an eyewatering 90kg. The record for Brent’s age group was set in 2019, with an incredible 80kg.

Before being introduced to powerlifting in 2021, it’s not something Brent ever would have considered doing. He joined Body Mentors, and began training that year.


Brent Gebbie smashed the record three times
Brent Gebbie smashed the record three times -Credit:Body Mentors

The retired IT manager said: “Initially I was unsure about the competition when it was first suggested as it wasn’t something that I had considered or attempted before. However with Will and Johns encouragement I decided to go for it. Once I had started my 12 week training program and could see my progress, I became more focused and committed.

"Competing exceeded all of my expectations – the atmosphere, encouragement from other competitors, judges and spectators all helped my performance – which I was very happy with!".

Next time Brent has his eyes set on smashing the deadlift and squatting records. Co-founder of Body Mentors, Will Gorringe, "Seeing Brent's incredible progress with powerlifting, we decided to check the records for his age and weight category. Quickly realising the potential he had, we pitched the idea to him - and with some encouragement, he was keen to give it a try."

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