Kent's 'Outstanding' primary schools according to Ofsted and what the watchdog had to say

-Credit: (Image: Google)
-Credit: (Image: Google)

A total of 79 state primary schools as well as academies, special, and independent schools in Kent and Medway that cater to primary-age pupils have achieved the highest standards set out by Ofsted. It means that more than a tenth of the 637 similarly categorised schools listed and inspected by the education watchdog in the county have been graded ‘Outstanding’.

More than 424 others in Kent and Medway are rated ‘Good’ while just two hold the lowest score of ‘Inadequate’. Ofsted inspectors carry out hundreds of inspections across the UK each week to ensure organisations providing education, training and care services do so to a high standard for children and those enrolled.

Schools are graded on a four-point scale and provided an overall rating of either ‘Outstanding’, ‘Good’, ‘Requires improvement’, or ‘Inadequate’. Ofsted inspection reports are broken down into categories that include the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management.

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The ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted-inspected primary schools in Kent and Medway have been listed by KentLive below, along with the date of the most recent report published by the watchdog.

Other private and independent schools are inspected using other means and by other boards, including by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Rankings from the Ofsted website are correct at the time of publication.

Kent County Council area

Adisham Church of England Primary School

Location: The Street, Adisham

Last inspection: January 26, 2024

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils are happy at this school. They thrive in this small village school. The school prioritises a strong sense of community. Pupils are excited to learn.”

Allington Primary School

Location: London Road, Maidstone

Last inspection: September 30, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils flourish at this inclusive and nurturing school. Staff are united in their ambition for every pupil to achieve their full potential. This means that pupils enjoy coming to school. There is a purposeful buzz of learning in every classroom.”

Bearsted Primary Academy

Location: Popesfield Way, Weavering

Last inspection: March 13, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils love their new and ‘kind’ school. Older pupils show a maturity beyond their years as they forge the pathway that others will follow. They have enquiring minds and enjoy learning ‘great new things’. Pupils are reflective.”

Belle Vue School

Location: Jockey Lane, Cranbrook

Last inspection: June 14, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “This is a happy place where pupils flourish. Lots has been achieved in the relatively short period of time since the school opened. Leaders are passionate, nurturing and highly effective. They lead by example and empower their staff, who have energy and are enthusiastic about their work.”

Blean Primary School

Location: Whitstable Road, Blean

Last inspection: May 12, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils thrive in this exceptional school. The enthusiasm displayed by pupils and staff is infectious. Pupils love coming to school. They are extremely happy, feel safe and thoroughly enjoy their learning.”

Bobbing Village School

Location: Sheppey Way, Bobbing

Last inspection: May 3, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils are pleased to be part of this happy, calm and harmonious school. They appreciate the many outdoor learning and play activities at lunchtime. Pupils enjoy den-building, the construction zone, dressing up and the reading pod.”

Bower Grove School

Location: Fant Lane, Maidstone

Last inspection: October 15, 2019

Quote from report:

  • “Leaders are highly ambitious for pupils and make sure they get exactly the right help to succeed. Staff work extremely closely together, as a team, to help pupils learn to behave well. Staff are highly skilled.”

Challock Primary School

Location: Chuch Lane, Challock

Last inspection: September 25, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils prosper at this warm and ambitious school. They show great enthusiasm for learning and for the range of activities on offer. Pupils thrive due to the strong relationships that they build with staff.”

Cherry Orchard Primary Academy

Cherry Orchard Primary Academy -Credit:Google
Cherry Orchard Primary Academy -Credit:Google

Location: Cherry Orchard Road, Ebbsfleet

Last inspection: December 14, 2021

Quote from report:

  • “The boundless ambition from everyone at Cherry Orchard is infectious. Staff are united in striving for the best education for every child. This begins right from day one in the Nursery.”

Cherry Tree

Location: All Saints Avenue, Margate

Last inspection: October 17, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “This is a small school with high ambitions. The caring culture created by leaders since the school opened is now firmly established. Staff expect much from pupils. Poor behaviour is not accepted by staff and frowned on by pupils. Pupils are not concerned about bullying here.”

Chiddingstone Church of England School

Location: Chiddingstone, Edenbridge

Last inspection: May 5, 2015

Quote from report:

  • “All groups of pupils make outstanding progress from their starting points. By the time they leave the school, attainment is significantly above national levels and pupils, including disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, achieve exceptionally well.”

Chilton Primary School

Location: Chilton Lane, Ramsgate

Last inspection: February 4, 2019

Quote from report:

  • “Teachers and leaders expertly create an atmosphere, environment and conditions which are highly conducive to successful learning. Pupils shift from transfixed focus and concentration for some tasks to infectious delight during equally productive but more practical activities.”

Cliftonville Primary School

Location: Northumberland Avenue, Cliftonville

Last inspection: March 13, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Leaders strive to ensure that pupils are at the heart of all that the school does. Staff share a strong ambition for all pupils, whatever their starting points, to ‘soar to success’.”

Cobham Primary School

Location: The Street, Cobham

Last inspection: May 20, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “Over time and across the school, the quality of teaching is outstanding. The great majority of lessons are carefully planned to build on earlier learning, spark pupils’ interest and challenge them to push themselves that little bit further every day. Teachers and teaching assistants use good questioning to check how well pupils are learning, help them understand, make connections between different ideas and use what they already know to make leaps in their learning.”

Cornfields School

Location: Hythe Road, Ashford

Last inspection: May 20, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “Staff at Cornfields put the school’s motto, ‘Improving life chances’, into practice superbly. Pupils work hard in a calm and friendly environment. They achieve this because staff understand and address their needs exceptionally well. Adults make sure that each pupil gains the knowledge they need to succeed academically.”

Ethelbert Road Primary School

Location: Ethelbert Road, Faversham

Last inspection: October 22, 2014

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils thoroughly enjoy the wide range of subjects and enrichment activities on offer during the day and through after-school clubs. As a result, pupils develop excellent skills and attitudes to support their journey into the next stage of their education.”

Eythorne Elvington Community Primary School

Location: Adelaide Road, Eythorne

Last inspection: February 8, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils thrive and flourish at this exciting, nurturing and inclusive school. The headteacher and staff are united in their ambition for every pupil to achieve their very best, academically and personally. They are determined that all pupils leave the school as confident individuals who develop a love of learning for life. There is an extremely purposeful atmosphere, with happy pupils enjoying learning in every classroom.”

Five Acre Wood School

Location: Boughton Lane, Maidstone

Last inspection: April 30, 2019

Quote from report:

  • “The school meets the often extremely complex needs of its pupils well. The development of staff is a major priority of the school and is key to its success. All staff are fully trained to support the pupils.”

St Martin’s Church of England Primary School

Location: Horn Street, Folkestone

Last inspection: May 18, 2015

Quote from report:

  • “There are excellent relationships between staff and pupils, so pupils work hard and want to do well.”

Goldwyn School

Location: Godinton Lane, Great Chart

Last inspection: December 7, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils at Goldwyn School thrive. There is a strong culture of ‘anything is possible’, and pupils’ personal development is at the heart of all that the school does. The Goldwyn’s ‘whole-child education’ covers all aspects of pupils’ lives. Consequently, over time, pupils develop their confidence, resilience and motivation to succeed.”

Gouldhurst and Kilndown Chuch of England Primary School

Location: Beaman Close, Goudhurst

Last inspection: April 25, 2014

Quote from report:

  • “Behaviour is exceptional. Pupils are immensely proud of their school and of the learning they are doing. They feel that teachers give them work to do which is very interesting, and almost always just hard enough. They are also very proud of their sporting, musical and other achievements.”

Great Chart Primary School

Location: Hoxton Close, Singleton

Last inspection: July 19, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “This school has the highest expectations for all its pupils. Pupils learn to make a difference to society, for example by accompanying the headteacher to parish council meetings where they discuss the work of the school. Pupils thrive, taking responsibility through leadership roles, including being an ‘eco-warrior’ or digital ambassador.”

Green Park Community Primary School

Location: The Linces, Buckland

Last inspection:

Quote from report:

  • “This is a welcoming and inclusive place where pupils feel happy and well cared for. They show a mature understanding of the school’s values of ‘leadership, organisation, resilience, independence and communication’ as well as the importance of showing kindness in all that they do.”

Hartley Primary Academy

Location: Round Ash Way, Hartley

Last inspection: November 23, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils delight in learning. They learn the importance of perseverance and demonstrate this when producing high-quality work across their subjects. Pupils make secure connections between the topics and concepts within the curriculum. Teachers help pupils build on their prior knowledge until they develop a deep understanding of the learning within the curriculum.”

Hawkinge Primary School

Location: Canterbury Road, Hawkinge

Last inspection: July 3, 2019

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils flourish and thrive because they are very well looked after in a stimulating environment. Individual academic, social and emotional needs are carefully identified and supported.”

Heath Farm School

Location: Egerton Road, Charing Heath

Last inspection: May 7, 2024

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils thrive at Heath Farm School. The exceptional quality of care and education makes a positive and pivotal difference to their lives. The school’s values of ‘love, commitment and opportunity’ are part of pupils’ everyday lived experience here.”

Herne Church of England Infant and Nursery School

Herne C of E Infant Nursery School -Credit:Google
Herne C of E Infant Nursery School -Credit:Google

Location: Palmer Close, Herne

Last inspection: November 12, 2021

Quote from report:

  • “Teachers inspire pupils to reach high expectations. Staff know their pupils extremely well. These strong relationships mean that the school is often described as ‘like a family’ by parents, pupils and staff.”

Herne Church of England Junior School

Location: School Lane, Herne

Last inspection: December 6, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Staff have high expectations of pupils and what they can achieve, and they rise to meet these especially well. Pupils are proud to demonstrate the school values of ‘community, compassion, forgiveness, generosity and hope’. They live out these values, know their importance and are proud to earn stickers and headteacher’s awards that recognise when these values are embodied.”

Hernhill Church of England Primary School

Location: Fostall, Hernhill

Last inspection: April 26, 2024

Quote from report:

  • “There is a demonstrable sense of community and belonging in this welcoming, inclusive and exceptional school. The school’s ‘People Rule’, which is to ‘treat others as you want to be treated’, is deeply embedded in the school’s culture. It is demonstrated incredibly well by everyone in every aspect of school life. Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary, and they are safe, happy and they love school.”

Ifield School

Location: Cedar Avenue, Gravesend

Last inspection: December 11, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Leaders at all levels want ‘only the best’ for pupils at Ifield School, and this is reflected in all aspects the school. Pupils are warmly greeted as they arrive. Staff are nurturing and supportive. They are determined that every pupil gets the support they need to fully participate in school life and to experience joy and fun throughout the school day.”

Ightham Primary School

Location: Oldbury Lane, Ightham

Last inspection: May 13, 2020

Quote from report:

  • “Leaders and staff have the highest expectations. Pupils thrive because of the consistently high quality of education they receive throughout their time at school. They work hard in lessons and achieve exceptionally well across the curriculum. Teachers provide pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) with outstanding support. This means that they can access the same opportunities as their peers.”

Jubilee Primary School

Location: Gatland Lane, Maidstone

Last inspection: November 29, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “A warm and happy welcome awaits everyone who steps through the door of this inclusive school. Pupils thrive because they feel cared for by the nurturing adults. In turn, pupils learn to take care of themselves and each other through regular routines such as laying the tables for the delicious ‘family style’ cooked lunches they enjoy together each day.”

Kings Hill School Primary and Nursery

Location: Crispin Way, Kings Hill

Last inspection: March 20, 2024

Quote from report:

  • “This is an exceptional school and Nursery where pupils are truly ‘inspired to believe, inspired to achieve’, fulfilling the school’s aspirational vision. Staff have a relentless ambition for all, from early years to Year 6. Expectations are consistently high and impressively met, with pupils achieving exceptionally well.”

Kingsdown and Ringwould Church of England Primary School

Location: Glen Road, Kingsdown

Last inspection: July 11, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils flourish in this highly ambitious and nurturing school. Their enthusiasm and excitement for learning is infectious. Pupils appreciate the small school community where everyone is welcome. One parent expressed the views of many by commenting, ‘The school is very much one big family with all children able to mix and play together.’”

Lady Boswell’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Location: Plymouth Drive, Sevenoaks

Last inspection: July 11, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils who attend Lady Boswell’s are rightly proud of this exceptional school. Parents describe the school as ‘kind, nurturing and caring’ and as ‘a place where teachers unlock motivation to learn’.”

Lady Joanna Thornhill Endowed Primary School

Location: Bridge Street, Wye

Last inspection: February 27, 2015

Quote from report:

  • “The determination of the staff team to meet all pupils’ needs ensures rapid progress throughout the school. Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for their move to secondary school, attaining high standards in reading, writing and mathematics.”

Laleham Gap School

Location: Ozengell Place, Ramsgate

Last inspection: June 15, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Laleham Gap School provides an exceptional quality of education. Pupils thrive here and are very well prepared for their next steps after leaving the school. The school’s motto, ‘learn, grow, succeed’, is built into the fabric of the school. The strong pastoral care helps pupils to feel safe and happy here.”

Langton Green Primary School

Location: Lampington Row, Langton Green

Last inspection: July 11, 2012

Quote from report:

  • “This is an outstanding school. Pupils reach much higher levels in their work by the time they leave than is typically found and they achieve extremely well on a broad range of fronts. Pupils are exceptionally mature, polite and courteous, to both adults and each other.”

St John’s Church of England Primary School

Location: Provender Way, Grove Green

Last inspection: January 9, 2020

Quote from report:

  • “Teachers are committed and passionate about teaching history. They have strong subject knowledge and have embraced the new curriculum plans. Teachers provide pupils with demanding activities and have high expectations of pupils.”

Meadowfield School

Location: Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne

Last inspection: May 20, 2024

Quote from report:

  • “The school is sharply focused on making sure that pupils are well prepared for their futures. They make use of their fleet of minibuses to take pupils out for activities in the community. Visits to cafes and shops help pupils apply their learning in the real world.”

Newington Community Primary School

Location: Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate

Last inspection: May 16, 2017

Quote from report:

  • “The school’s work to promote pupils’ welfare is remarkable. No stone is left unturned in the quest to ensure that pupils and families receive the help they need. Safeguarding procedures are effective.”

Oaks Primary Academy

Location: Oak Tree Avenue, Maidstone

Last inspection: November 16, 2021

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils have an infectious appetite for learning and relish every opportunity to become more knowledgeable. This is because learning is placed firmly at the heart of the school. Expectations of pupils are high. Time is spent ensuring that pupils learn to take responsibility for their learning.”

Offham Primary School

Location: Church Road, Offham

Last inspection: June 15, 2015

Quote from report:

  • “Leaders and managers, together with governors, are fully committed to providing a high standard of education for all pupils. They work closely alongside each other with a common aim. Their actions have had a direct and positive impact on the high quality teaching and the excellent achievement of pupils.”

Queenborough School and Nursery

Location: Edward Road, Queenborough

Last inspection: September 26, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “The Queenborough values of ‘Belong, Expect, Achieve, Thrive’ reverberate strongly throughout this highly ambitious and exceptional school. They are deeply embedded in the school’s culture and lived up to by pupils. Pupils love school, feel very safe and thoroughly enjoy learning. They are extremely proud of their school.”

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

Location: Dumpton Park Drive, Broadstairs

Last inspection: November 17, 2021

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils love coming to Ramsgate, Holy Trinity. They feel happy and safe and say they are well supported by staff. One pupil said: ‘Teachers are always by your side.’ Another told the lead inspector: ‘It is everything a school should be.’”

Reculver Church of England Primary School

Location: Hillborough, Herne Bay

Last inspection: September 6, 2018

Quote from report:

  • “Teachers have excellent subject knowledge. They inspire pupils by planning challenging activities, particularly for disadvantaged pupils. Consequently, pupils make excellent progress in reading, writing and mathematics.”

River Primary School

Location: Lewisham Road, River

Last inspection: December 17, 2013

Quote from report:

  • “The range of subjects and activities on offer meets the needs and interests of pupils well. Literacy and numeracy skills are reinforced in other subjects.”

Rodmersham School

Location: Rodmersham Green, Sittingbourne

Last inspection: December 16, 2019

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils at Rodmersham School are curious about the past. They enjoy the school’s topic-based approach to learning history. Several topics across the year groups have a history focus. From Reception Year to Year 6, pupils understand the importance of history in age-appropriate ways.”

Sandwich Junior School

Location: St Bart’s Road, Sandwich

Last inspection: May 19, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils, staff, parents and governors are extremely proud of their excellent school. It is a happy school where pupils feel very safe. Pupils love coming to school and are exceptionally enthusiastic about all that they do. One parent said, ‘The glee with which we see our child run into school is a joy to behold.’”

Shatterlocks Infant and Nursery School

Location: Heathfield Avenue, Dover

Last inspection: June 14, 2019

Quote from report:

  • “The curriculum is inspiring and interesting. Leaders have carefully considered its relevance to the pupils at Shatterlocks Infant School. Leaders recognise that further refining the development of pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding in subjects such as humanities and art would boost their progress still further.”

Sheldwich Primary School

Location: Lees Court Road, Sheldwich

Last inspection: September 6, 2018

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils are remarkably well behaved, polite and enthusiastic. They rarely miss a day of school and show positive attitudes towards their learning in class. Pupils adore the wide range of clubs and activities they can participate in, such as chess and lacrosse. In class, pupils work with interest and drive. They enjoy the opportunity to discuss their thinking with friends yet are equally adept at working independently when it is time to knuckle down. As a result, pupils are highly productive and make great progress.”

Snowfields Academy

Location: Popesfield Way, Weavering

Last inspection: September 15, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils at Snowfields academy are rightly proud of their school. They talk openly about feeling ‘accepted’ and ‘comfortable’. Pupils fully appreciate being part of a community where everyone’s differences are valued, nurtured and celebrated.”

Speldhurst Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Location: Langton Road, Speldhurst

Last inspection: March 3, 2014

Quote from report:

  • “Leaders at all levels are exceptional. The assistant headteacher and subject leaders have skills and qualities which ensure a rich learning experience is consistently enjoyed by all pupils across a range of subjects.”

St Eanswythe’s Church of England Primary School

Location: Church Street, Folkestone

Last inspection: April 8, 2019

Quote from report:

  • “Children in the early years receive an outstanding education. They are happy, confident and articulate children who are very well prepared for the next steps in their education.”

St Joesph’s Catholic Primary School

Location: Springhead Road, Northfleet

Last inspection: February 9, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils love coming to this school. Friendships are important here. There is a genuine warmth about the welcome everyone receives. Pupils see the school as a safe place. Levels of attendance are high, as are levels of respect for others and for the multitude of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds that make up the family of St Joseph’s.”

St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe Primary School

Location: Sea Street, St Margaret’s-At-Cliffe

Last inspection: September 7, 2015

Quote from report:

  • “The areas studied are rich and stimulating and offer pupils a wealth of opportunities to use and extend their literacy and numeracy skills as well as many exciting experiences in music, art, sports and computing. They are enriched very effectively with additional activities, trips and clubs, all of which provide pupils with memorable learning experiences.”

St Mary of Charity CofE (Aided) Primary School

Location: Orchard Place, Faversham

Last inspection: May 7, 2024

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils enjoy being at this school. They understand the school’s values, including respect, determination, honesty and forgiveness, and aspire to live up to them. Expectations are high. Classrooms are calm and purposeful places to learn. Pupils behave well and have positive relationships with staff. Children starting in Reception classes settle quickly because of the support they receive.”

St Michael’s Church of England Infant School

Location: Douglas Road, Maidstone

Last inspection: February 25, 2014

Quote from report:

  • “Safety is a high priority at the school and, as a result, pupils feel very safe. Their parents and carers agree that their children are looked after exceptionally well.”

St Mildred’s Primary Infant School

Location: St Mildred’s Avenue, Broadstairs

Last inspection: January 24, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “St Mildred’s is a friendly and welcoming infant school. Leadership of the school at all levels is exceptional. Leaders and staff are ambitious for pupils, including those who are disadvantaged or who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Leaders make sure that there are many opportunities for pupils to flourish.”

St Peter’s Church of England Primary School

Location: Hawkenbury Road, Tunbridge Wells

Last inspection: April 24, 2014

Quote from report:

  • “In lessons, pupils are enthusiastic, excited and genuinely curious because teaching is typically outstanding. Teachers plan exceptionally well to make sure that, over time, every pupil succeeds. Pupils strive to do their best and say that lessons are always fun.”

St Peter-in-Thanet CofE Junior School

St Peters In Thanet Church of England Junior School -Credit:Google
St Peters In Thanet Church of England Junior School -Credit:Google

Location: Grange Road, St Peter’s

Last inspection: June 27, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils rightly say that ‘this school is amazing’. Pupils and parents cannot talk highly enough about the care and support that pupils receive from their teachers. Leaders and staff set very high expectations for learning and behaviour so that all pupils thrive.”

Sturry Church of England Primary School

Location: Park View, Sturry

Last inspection: November 26, 2020

The Beacon

Location: Park Farm Road, Folkestone

Last inspection:

Quote from report:

  • “Leaders have created a warm, nurturing environment throughout the school. Pupils are happy and feel safe. They speak with enthusiasm about how staff listen to them. They like the way that staff take account of their views and needs.”

The Brent Primary School

London Road, Stone

Last inspection: May 2, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils respond well to the high expectations that staff have for them. Leaders have created a curriculum that is designed to ‘Ignite Ambition Through Learning’, and this has largely been achieved. Pupils are confident in talking about what they have learned, and they look forward to what they will learn next.”

The Discovery School

Location: Discovery Drive, Kings Hill

Last inspection: April 27, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils flourish in this highly ambitious, vibrant and inclusive community. They are unanimous in their praise, with one pupil describing it as a ‘privilege’ to attend this school. Leaders’ high expectations are rooted firmly in all areas of their work. The values of ‘friendship, perseverance, honesty, respect and kindness’ weave seamlessly into every aspect of daily life here.”

The Quest School

Location: The Hop Farm, Maidstone

Last inspection: January 25, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “The Quest School is a very special school, and pupils are rightly very proud of it. The education that pupils receive is exceptional. The school motto, ‘achievements never thought possible,’ sums up life here. Staff place the safety and care of pupils at the heart of everything they do.”

Tunstall Church of England (Aided) Primary School

Location: Tunstall Road, Sittingbourne

Last inspection: July 10, 2023

Quote from report:

“Tunstall Church of England Primary School is underpinned by values of ‘friendship, kindness, perseverance, service, forgiveness and truthfulness’. These are lived out by pupils especially well. Pupils love the ‘star values’ award badges.”

Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford

Location: Teapot Lane, Aylesford

Last inspection: July 5, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils thrive at this exciting, nurturing and inclusive school. There is a welcoming, friendly and purposeful atmosphere and a strong sense of community. Pupils are happy and enjoy learning. Parents appreciate this culture, with one saying, ‘Strong leadership from the top, coupled with excellent teaching and support staff, makes for a very happy environment.’”

Warden House Primary School

Location: Birdwood Avenue, Deal

Last inspection: January 7, 2015

Quote from report:

  • “Achievement is outstanding. From very low starting points, pupils make rapid progress. At the end of Year 6, all groups of pupils, including the most able, are now reaching well above average standards. Disadvantaged pupils make excellent progress, particularly in their reading and writing.”

West Heath School

Location: Ashgrove Road, Sevenoaks

Last inspection: December 8, 2022

Quote from report:

  • “All staff work hard to build pupils’ resilience and self-esteem. This was typified by one teacher describing the need to be ‘emotionally astute’ and the absolute imperative for staff to be ‘clever at reading the learners and understand their needs, including their many barriers to achieving’.”

Whitstable and Seasalter Endowed Church of England Junior School

Location: High Street, Whitsable

Last inspection: Januray 31, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Leaders’ high expectations are firmly embedded. Pupils behave exceptionally well. They are proud to go to the school. Pupils are courteous and relationships with their teachers are warm. A strong sense of kindness and respect permeates throughout.”

Wickhambreaux Church of England Primary School

Location: The Street, Wickhambreaux

Last inspection: March 20, 2015

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils enjoy coming to school because the curriculum is stimulating. Teachers ensure that everyone can access the wide range of exciting opportunities which help pupils develop a love of learning.”

Medway Council area

Abbey Court Foundation Special School

Location: Rede Court Road, Strood

Last inspection: May 17, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Abbey Court provides an inspirational physical and emotional environment in which pupils thrive and enjoy their education. A safe, nurturing atmosphere is combined with a sense of ambition and determination that every pupil should benefit from a rich, broad learning experience – and they do.”

Bradfields Academy

Location: Churchill Avenue, Chatham

Last inspection: January 25, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “This is a kind and caring school where pupils flourish. They arrive at school each day smiling and keen to find out what they will be learning. They develop respectful relationships with staff and form positive friendships with each other.”

Cliffe Woods Primary School

Location: View Road, Cliffe Woods

Last inspection: October 11, 2016

Quote from report:

High Halstow Primary Academy

Location: Harrison Drive, High Halstow

Last inspection: September 13, 2023

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils are highly motivated and engaged in learning at this school. Staff explicitly teach learning behaviours and routines. Leaders ensure that these are embedded consistently across the school. Pupils know what is expected of them. They are ambitious to demonstrate meeting high expectations.”

St Nicholas CEVC Primary School

Location: London Road, Strood

Last inspection: February 13, 2013

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils learn exceptionally well in all subjects because they are treated as individuals, whose personal and learning needs are known by every adult. Activities are tailored carefully to meet these needs so that each day’s learning builds on the last.”

St Thomas More Roman Catholic Primary School

Location: Bleakwood Road, Chatham

Last inspection: March 4, 2013

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils, parents and carers are proud of their school. Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary and they say they feel very safe. Pupils have a mature attitude towards their learning. They are polite and courteous, and readily accept responsibility.”

The Rowans

Location: Churchill Avenue, Chatam

Last inspection: December 30, 2021

Quote from report:

  • “Pupils’ lives are turned around during their time at this school. When they arrive, pupils are often unhappy, feel rejected and lack confidence. By the time they leave, they are happy and enthusiastic, with clear plans for their future lives.”

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