Kermode and Mayo announce podcast replacement for BBC Radio 5 film review show

Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode‘s Radio 5 Live show has officially come to an end.

After 21 years, Kermode and Mayo have aired the final run of their beloved film review show in its current form.

All is not lost for longtime listeners, however, as the pair have promised: “We’ll be back.”

Neither presenter has confirmed why they’re leaving the BBC, but it follows the demise of both Francine Stock’s Film Programme and Saturday Review on Radio 4.

After the broadcast of the final episode, a brand new podcast was announced, titled Kermode and Mayo’s Take. The pair shared a clip of themselves directing their listeners to the podcast’s official website.

The new show will be produced in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment’s Global Podcast Division.

It will be released twice weekly and will focus on theatrical, streaming and physical film releases, as well as high-level global television in the UK and US.

Their final BBC episode featured Daniel Radcliffe, Sandra Bullock and, of course, Jason Isaacs.

Since premiering in 2001, the radio show and its partnering podcast have been incredibly popular with viewers. In 2014, the podcast was the BBC’s fourth most downloaded show of the last decade with over 50 million listens.

Mark Kermode will continue his film review show with Simon Mayo elsewhere (BBC)
Mark Kermode will continue his film review show with Simon Mayo elsewhere (BBC)

Kermode and Mayo drew praise for their on-air chemistry, which has been likened to a “married couple”, and for their accessible but still rigorous approach to film criticism.

The former is known for his extended rants about films he disliked, including the work of Michael Bay and, most recently, Roland Emmerich’s disaster film Moonfall.

Kermode is expected to deliver a rant about Morbius, Sony’s delayed Spider-Man spin-off, starring Jared Leto, which is getting panned by critics.

Kermode and Mayo’s Take will begin on 5 May.