Kerry Katona delighted for Katie Price as she 'deserves some happiness'

Katie Price and Kerry Katona pose prior to a Celebrity Charity Match at Sixfields on April 15, 2018 in Northampton, England -Credit:Getty Images
Katie Price and Kerry Katona pose prior to a Celebrity Charity Match at Sixfields on April 15, 2018 in Northampton, England -Credit:Getty Images

Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona has given her take on the budding romance between Katie Price and JJ Slater, after the Married At First Sight star's recent shock comments about marriage.

The former glamour model, 45 and the reality star, 31, got together after Katie contacted JJ following his stint on the E4 reality show in which he ended up with Ella Morgan. After finally declaring Katie was his "girlfriend" following a whole host of of loved-up snaps on Instagram, JJ said it would have been "ideal" if the ex-glamour model had been walking down the aisle on the E4 reality show as it would have "saved a lot of time".

Now, Katie's pal Kerry, 43, has spoken out about the romance, saying she's delighted for the mum-of-five because she "finally deserves some happiness". "It was lovely to hear JJ Slater's comments about Katie Price", reports the Mirror.

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Kerry added: "I don't know if marriage is on the cards just yet, but they have said that the L word has been used. It looks like JJ's treating her nicely and it's what she deserves. Katie helped me through some tough times, so it's great to see her happy again," reports OK! magazine.

Kerry has previously commented on the couple, giving JJ and Katie her approval. After the pair announced their relationship on Instagram, she expressed to the media: "My friend Katie Price has gone public with her new boyfriend JJ Slater and they seem really loved-up. I'm happy for her as long as she and the kids are happy the kids are the most important people."

Last year, JJ created a stir on MAFS when he was spotted flirting with Ella, even though he was married to Bianca Petronzi. He recently contemplated how things might have been different had his current "girlfriend" appeared on the show.

Discussing this hypothetical scenario with MailOnline, he revealed: "It would have been ideal on Married At First Sight if I was at the altar and I turned around and it was Kate walking down. It would have saved a lot of time."

He clarified that he hadn't been seeking a relationship post-show, adding: "It wasn't something I was looking for... I had been on Married At First Sight UK, which was a stressful and intense experience but with Kate and I... it just happened super naturally."

Recently, the OnlyFans star Katie was spotted leaving a masterclass with boyfriend JJ at her side. Fresh images online show her deeply engaged in conversation with JJ as they leave the hotel hosting the £80 makeup event.

On MAFS, JJ admitted he prefers women who have undergone "a lot of cosmetic work".