Kerry Katona feels 'amazing' after eyelift surgery

Kerry Katona feels 'amazing' after surgery credit:Bang Showbiz
Kerry Katona feels 'amazing' after surgery credit:Bang Showbiz

Kerry Katona feels "amazing" after her eyelift surgery.

The 43-year-old star went under the knife earlier this month to have the excess skin removed from above her eyes and although her face is still swollen from the procedure, she's delighted with how well her recovery is going so far.

She wrote in her column for new! magazine: "I’m feeling amazing after my eyelift surgery and can’t believe how much it has healed already. As I write this, it’s only been eight days of recovery – and I’m still swollen – but it looks fantastic. I’m so glad I did it and can’t believe how much of an easy experience it has been.

"I’ve had other surgeries and had a tough time recovering but this is great. It’s definitely going to be worth it – I can’t wait until I’m fully recovered. I scratched my eye after the surgery, which is frustrating because it wouldn’t have been painful if I hadn’t done that, but it is what it is.

"I stayed at my mum’s for the first few days because I didn’t want DJ to see me all swollen, but now I’m back home – the kids were missing me."

But the former Atomic Kitten singer - who has Molly, 22, Lilly, 20, Heidi, 16, Max, 15, and DJ, nine, from previous relationships - suggested her children had been against her having the operation, with her son urging her not to "do anything else" when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

She added: "It’s been positive feedback so far. I FaceTimed Molly and she was impressed after being against it at first.

"Although Max is saying I can’t do anything else – he’s told me off!

"I’ve not been able to do much exercise, so I’ve just been watching what I eat and have still lost more weight, which is good! I don’t have any regrets."

Last week, Kerry revealed she had been in tears with pain after scratching her eye after the procedure.

She said: “I’ve been crying all day because of the pain.

“When I was coming out of recovery, I didn’t know what I was doing and rubbed my eye and scratched the cornea. I’ve scratched it on all the nerve endings, which my doctor said is 'almost more painful than childbirth' when that happens – and it has been. I’ve been complaining so much.

“It’s completely my fault and not to do with the surgery. Doing this is typical Kerry Katona bad luck. It had to be me who poked my bloody eye.”