Kerry Katona: Botched tummy tuck was my fault

The reality star admitted she did not allow enough time to recover after the initial procedure.

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona admits she did not allow herself time to recover after having a tummy tuck. (PA)

Kerry Katona has said she blames herself for her botched cosmetic surgery as she did not allow herself enough time to recover.

The 42-year-old former Atomic Kitten singer has just undergone a second 'tummy tuck' after revealing the procedure she originally underwent in 2021 left her "lumpy" and "swollen" because she went straight back to work instead of following doctors advice about resting.

Katona told OK! magazine: “I’ve been waiting so long for this surgery after having my tummy tuck in 2021 with a different clinic.

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"My body hasn’t been the same since. My stomach was all swollen and all the fat was stuck at the top – it shouldn’t be like that. It was all lumpy and uneven.

Kerry Katona shared a video from the private clinic where she had her third breast reduction. (YouTube/Kerry Katona)
Kerry Katona shared a video from the private clinic where she had her third breast reduction. (YouTube/Kerry Katona)

“It was my own fault because I didn’t allow time for my body to recover. I went straight back to work when I should have been resting."

The reality TV star underwent a second abdominoplasty at a private hospital in Manchester on 23rd January and said she is "so happy" with the results.

Katona said: "And this time, I’m making sure I recover properly.”

She hopes to lose three stone by her 43rd birthday in September.

Katona said: "“I’m going to look amazing. I am on a mission. Once I put my mind to something, I see it through. I am going to look phenomenal."

The former pop star has undergone a series of breast reduction operations in the last year, which had also caused complications.

The former I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! winner had previously described the complications she was suffering as causing a tight chest that made it difficult to breathe.

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona is on a mission to look 'phenomenal' for her 43rd birthday. (PA)

She said: "I was lying down in bed and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

"My throat and chest felt really tight, it was awful. I felt like I was going to die."

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"My body has been swollen since I had surgery last year. My whole body is sore and puffy – my legs, my stomach, my face, my neck. I feel like I need popping."

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