Kerry Katona 'still struggling' after nose surgery

Kerry Katona is facing a long recovery after her nose surgery credit:Bang Showbiz
Kerry Katona is facing a long recovery after her nose surgery credit:Bang Showbiz

Kerry Katona is "still struggling" with her recovery after undergoing reconstructive surgery on her nose.

The former Atomic Kitten star went under the knife last month to rebuild her nose which had been damaged through years of cocaine abuse, but she's admitted the recovery process has been longer and much more gruelling than she anticipated.

In her column for new! magazine, she explained: "The recovery has been so hard ... I’m still struggling with that."

However, Kerry is thrilled with the results she's seen so far. She added: "I’m really loving it now. I can’t believe how bad my nose was before. I wasn’t used to it in the beginning but now I feel like it’s made me look younger."

Kerry previously revealed she hopes the surgery will close the chapter on the drug abuse in her past and allow her to move on with her life.

In a post on Instagram after the op, she wrote: "Even thou [sic] it's been almost 15 years since those awful dark days and even thou that chapter of my life is well and truly closed it's hard not to hang on to those negative unnecessary thoughts of shame, guilt, embarrassment, also desperation, loneliness, heartbreak.

"But also strength, resilience, determination and forgiveness! Forgiving yourself is probably the most hardest of them all.

"I really hope my mistakes can become lessons for others in their hour of desperation to give you hope and inspiration never to give up on yourself."

It's been a busy few weeks for Kerry as she recently moved house after deciding the time had come to downsize as he kids grow up and move out.

In hew new column, she revealed the move is now complete and she's busy unpacking. She revealed: "We’re in our new house now and I absolutely love it. It feels so homely already. It is smaller than our other house but it’s much easier to keep on top of and just feels right for us – my nerves about downsizing have gone away.

"I’ve spent the whole week unpacking and there are boxes coming out of my ears, but I think it’s looking really good."