Kerry Katona's racy lingerie shoot sparks slew of vile comments

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona has been inundated with vile comments after stripping down to lingerie for racy shoot -Credit:KerryKatona7/Twitter

OnlyFans has given Kerry Katona a new lease on financial life after escaping bankruptcy. Unfortunately, her fans weren't as thrilled when she teased them with a risque photo to promote her new content.

The 43-year-old former Atomic Kitten star took to Instagram to share a tantalising glimpse of what subscribers to her "summer sale" could expect, posing in white lace lingerie and a floral robe.

In spite of the sultry post, many of the former singer's 833k followers weren't as enthusiastic, expressing their dismay in the comments section. Some impassioned fans wrote: "Kerry what are you doing? You are better than this! ", followed by a chorus of similar sentiments like: "Don't cheapen yourself! You are better than this."

Another expressed desperation, pleading: "Literally noooo! Seriously Kerry! Surely there is better ways to make money than do this!"

However, amongst the naysayers, an equal number of supporters rallied behind her, one stated: "I mean, she's become a millionaire. I'm sure she doesn't give a s**t.", reports the Mirror, while another urged the critics to back off, writing: "she wants to do it so if she is happy let's not judge."

Unconcerned by online scrutiny, Kerry is far from deterred and continues to champion her OnlyFans venture, revealing to The Sun last year: "I've made more than that. I can't put a figure on it. I'm a billionaire!

"I am a grafter, I came from a foster home, went to eight schools, got clothes off, car boot sales, was a lap-dancer, got in a girl band, became face of Iceland, became a millionaire, went bankrupt, lost it all, became a millionaire again and went bankrupt again, then became a millionaire again. Who does it?".

Kerry also told the publication that she would continue with her current activities "as long as I keep making money", stating: "as long as people want it. You can get all sorts on there; it's not just young pretty birds. I am 43 in September and it's dead easy. I could sit right here, get a t*t out and make some money, or even take a pic of my feet. Why not? ".

In addition to this, Kerry is set to return to our screens as she has been cast in a romantic comedy titled Finding Forever, due to be released in 2024. Reports from February 2024 suggest that she will play a character named Nina Bennet, who co-owns a beauty salon.

News of this project, which is due to start filming in spring, follows Kerry's announcement that she has signed with acting agent Donia Youssef from Wonder Talent Management, as she "wants to be taken seriously as an actress", according to insiders.

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