Kesha issues first statement following Dr Luke settlement over rape, defamation claims

Kesha issues first statement following Dr Luke settlement over rape, defamation claims

Kesha has issued a new statement after settling her longstanding legal battle with producer Dr Luke.

Last week, both parties settled nearly a decade of suits and countersuits over Kesha’s accusation that Dr Luke drugged and raped her and his claim that she made it up and defamed him.

The terms of the settlement were not immediately disclosed, as the duo revealed on Instagram that they had agreed to “a resolution” of the case and to a statement from each of them.

“I cannot recount everything that happened,” Kesha wrote in her post, adding that she wishes “nothing but peace to all parties involved”.

Dr Luke, in turn, said he wished her well and wanted “to put this difficult matter behind me” after years of fighting to clear his name.

On Tuesday (27 June), Kesha issued a new statement to thank her fans for supporting her “through the past nine years”.

“I am humbled and in awe of the support and love y’all have given me,” she wrote on Twitter. “You have held me and carried me through the past nine years.

“I am so full of light and excitement for the beautiful things to come, for shows to play, and art to make to share with you all.”

She added: “Animals, ‘I don’t need much but there’s one thing I can’t lose. All I need is you.’”

The court clash between the multiplatinum-selling singer and the Grammy-nominated producer had been playing out since 2014 and looming over both of their careers.

Kesha alleged that Dr Luke drugged and raped her nine years earlier and psychologically tormented her throughout their working relationship.

“The abuse I suffered from Luke was a decade long, every day, every moment of every day,” she said during sworn questioning in 2017. According to Kesha, the ordeal sparked a flare-up of an eating disorder that led to her spending two months in a rehabilitation clinic in 2014.

Dr Luke, who has not been charged with any crimes, responded by suing Kesha for defamation. He asserted that she made “completely untrue and deeply hurtful” claims to tarnish him and get out of her record contract.

“Any reasonable person will not believe her,” he said when questioned under oath in 2017.

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