Kesha says she isn’t ‘free’ to release new music

Kesha's still waiting until she can release music after splitting from Dr Luke's label.

The Die Young singer says she's counting down the days until she can finally release new music, suggesting she's been unable to put out any new songs since her split from her former music label.

“I'll say that there is a day – although I won’t say the day – but there is a day marked on my calendar when I am free to release music,” Kesha explained in an interview with V magazine.

While she didn't elaborate on why she can't put new music out just yet, Kesha did have a message for those fans who, like her, are impatient for that day's arrival.

“So just know that she is out here in the woods writing and singing till four in the morning, ferociously," Kesha said by way of reassurance.

"I am being a feral wild woman out here. So just know that.”

Currently acting as the Artist in Residence at Californian retreat, Esalen Institute, Kesha has been teaching a course titled "The Alchemy of Music".

Having never completed high school, Kesha said she initially struggled to see herself as an educator.

"I signed my first record deal at 18 and got discovered before that," she explained.

"So I never got my GED; I never went to college. So I didn’t look at myself as a teacher. I looked at myself as someone who has something that seems to connect. I’m just sharing my process."