Kev Mud wins UK Pun Championship 2024 with party pooper joke

Kev Mud won the UK pun championship (Crosscut Media / Larno Vasiliauskas)
Kev Mud won the UK pun championship (Crosscut Media / Larno Vasiliauskas)

Kev Mud has been crowned the UK Pun Champion 2024 at Leicester Comedy Festival.

The final, which took place last night (Monday, February 12), was held at De Montfort Hall in Leicester as part of the city's annual comedy festival.

On his win, Kev Mud spoke about how delighted he was, saying: "I feel really proud to be UK Pun Champion for 2024. I don't usually write puns and I've only been going for just over a year, but comedy has given me the chance to make a lot of people laugh, and what's better than that?' Also, I live in a caravan and I couldn't turn down a night of free heating."

Some of the puns that helped Kev Mud take the crown included:

"I can't go to the toilet without taking candles. I'm a party pooper."

"I was at a kid's party and they said, 'There's an ice cream man outside' but, by the time I got out there, he had melted."

"What do Pompeii and Kim Kardashian have in common? Nobody would have heard of them if it wasn't for their massive ash!"

Other contestants included Daniel Edison as well as new contenders Kat Dellar, Adam Dorr, Bennet Kavanagh, Mary Cross, Pauline Eyre, and Rabiah Coon.

The 2023 winner, Lee Brace, handed over the Championship Belt to Kev Mud. The belt was originally designed and commissioned by Cornish stand-up and YouTuber Colin Leggo, who was the 2019 champion.

Michael Harris-Wakelam, from Leicester Comedy Festival organisers Big Difference Company, said: "Is there anything more uniquely British than a pun? The UK Pun Championships is one of the events that we know everyone in our comedy community marks their calendar for.

"Having seen the applications for this year's edition, it's no surprise to see such a strong line-up on stage once again at De Montfort Hall. It's often seen as a specialist area of comedy, but the joy of puns is that they are so easily delivered and remembered, and so anybody can have a go and join in with this celebration of puns!"