Kevin Spacey 'on brink of bankruptcy' and owes 'many millions' after legal fees

Disgraced Kevin Spacey broke down as he is on the brink of bankruptcy and reportedly owes "many millions" after his net worth plummeted.

Spacey revealed he has been forced to sell his home due to his million-dollar legal fees in a shocking interview with Piers Morgan.

In the interview on Uncensored, which airs on YouTube tonight, the Hollywood actor made a string of revelations and has admitted the extent of ongoing legal battles have had on his finances, reports the Mirror.

Piers asked the actor where he is living now as he used to split his time between the UK and USA to which he replied: “Well, it's funny you asked that question, because this week, where I have been living in Baltimore, is being foreclosed on. My house is being sold at auction.”

Piers then probed: “Do you mind me asking how much you owe?”

Before Spacey said: “It's considerable. “I owe many millions, yes. The house itself is many millions."

Asked what he'll do, he responded simply: “Get back on the horse.” Spacey claimed to Piers that he had narrowly dodged filing for bankruptcy on several occasions.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Spacey had a net worth of $70million - around £58.5million - back in 2022. He had made most of his money through his illustrious acting career, but as well as being an actor he is also a film director, producer, screenwriter and singer.

In 1996 he made his directorial debut for Albino Alligator and in 1997 he founded his own production company, Trigger Street Productions.

Spacey was the executive producer of the TV show House of Cards from 2013 to 2017 but in 2020 he was ordered to pay $31million (£25.9million) to the producer after an arbitrator found that he breached his contract by violating the company's sexual harassment policy.

The actor's career and life unravelled was accused of sexual misconduct in 2017 but was found not guilty in a 2022 New York lawsuit and was acquitted of sexual assault charges in a separate London trial in 2023.

In a groundbreaking interview, he spoke to Piers at length about the accusations he has faced.

He is due to stand trial in the UK again, likely in early 2025, over a lawsuit by another man claiming Spacey sexually assaulted him.

Spacey has denied all allegations. He admitted wrongdoing to Piers and stated that he had acted inappropriately towards people. When asked about his "bad behaviour", Kevin responded that he had been "Pushing the boundaries".

The actor later added to the TalkTV broadcaster: "Being too handsy, touching someone sexually in a way that I didn't know at the time they didn't want."

Piers replied: "Some people would say that is criminal, that if you grope people in a sexual way against their wishes, that that is a crime."

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