Kevin Spacey on New Sexual Assault Allegations: ‘I’ve Been Promiscuous, Flirty … Definitely Persistent’

Responding to new sexual assault allegations brought to light by U.K.’s Channel 4 in the documentary “Spacey Unmasked”, Kevin Spacey sat down for an interview on X, formerly Twitter, with controversial British journalist Dan Wooton. In the documentary, which airs next week and will stream on Max via an acquisition by ID Network, nine new victims come forward accusing Spacey of various forms of inappropriate behavior ranging from sexual harassment on set to masturbating in a movie theater during the storming of Normandy scene in “Saving Private Ryan”.

“I take full responsibility for my past behavior and my actions,” Spacey said in his interview on X. “But I cannot and will not take responsibility or apologize to anyone who’s made up stuff about me or exaggerated stories about me.”

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These allegations and interview come less than a year after a U.K. court found Spacey not guilty of sexually assaulting the four men who brought the charges and almost two years after a New York jury found him not liable for molesting actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14 and Spacey was 26. Speaking on how he tends to behave, Spacey said, “I’ve been promiscuous, flirty. I’ve been annoying at times. Definitely persistent. But I have never, not once, blocked someone from leaving a room or locked the door. I cried once to try to keep somebody in the room. But I’ve never put my arm in front of the door or locked it.”

One of the recent allegations put forth in “Spacey Unmasked” is that during the filming of the 1999 dramedy “The Big Kahuna”, an intern was asked to give Spacey a massage, a form of sexual harassment in-and-of itself, but that quickly turned even more inappropriate. In addressing this accusation, Spacey said in his interview, “Well, I have to say that this guy’s story strikes me much more in keeping with something that I might have done … So yeah, I can accept the possibility of this so far.”

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