Kids Overcome With Emotion as They Find Out They’re Going to Have Another Sibling

A sister and brother from Lake Charles, Louisiana, were overcome with excitement when they learned on February 9 that they were going to have another sibling.

Footage filmed by their mom, Stesha Royer, shows the two kids eating cupcakes with little baby figurines in them before flipping their plates, under which are written “Big brother” and “Big sister X 2.”

The little girl, Londyn, age 10, immediately bursts into tears before telling her little brother, Luke, 5, “Mom is gonna have a baby!”

She is then seen heading toward her mother to give her a hug. Credit: Stesha Royer via Storyful

Video transcript

- [? Mine. ?]

- You're a butthole.

- Why were you a butthole?

- Oh, my god. I see you.

- There's a baby.

- An eyeball.

- What's in your cake. Lake?

- An eyeball. Why do I get a--

- An eyeball?

- There's a baby in mine.

- What's in yours, Luke?

- What is that?

- Luke, that is a baby too. That is a baby.

- Why did you give me--

- Londyn.

- --stupid baby?

- What?

- Flip your plate over.

- Luke, flip your plate over.

- What does it say?

- Hold it up.


- Your plate says big brother.

- Mama is having a baby. Mama is going to a baby.

- For real?

- Mm-hmm.


- Is it a boy or a girl?

- They don't know yet.

- Well, don't be sad.

- Is Mama actually for real having a baby?

- That's wonderful.

- Are you sad or happy?

- That's happy.

- I'm happy.

- You're happy?

- Yes.