Kieran Culkin says former Succession co-star Brian Cox can be a ‘scary guy’

Kieran Culkin has shared his thoughts on his former Succession co-star, Brian Cox.

Culkin played insecure business heir Roman Roy in the acclaimed drama series that concluded last month. Cox played his father, the acid-tongued media magnate Logan Roy.

As part of Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series, Culkin, 40, sat down for a conversation with Claire Danes, with whom he starred in the 2002 indie comedy-drama, Igby Goes Down.

At one point of their mutual interview, Danes complimented his work in a season three Succession episode, in which Roman appears childlike while confronting his father.

“You were such a child, really. That was so well done,” she told Culkin, before he expressed that it’s a natural reaction when acting with Cox.

“I realise I’m doing it right now for some reason,” he noted. “Whenever I have to shoot with Brian, it’s like, ‘Dad, I feel like I’m seven.’

“He can be a scary guy. Not to me – I can approach him as an adult. But for whatever reason, in character, I feel like I’m seven with him.”

Cox, 77, is known for his straightforward manner of speech, and has repeatedly expressed contrasting views on acting to another of his Succession sons, Jeremy Strong. Ahead of the series four premiere, Cox was heard yelling at a group of photographers.

Brian Cox and Kieran Culkin (Getty Images)
Brian Cox and Kieran Culkin (Getty Images)

The Scottish stage and screen star also took part in a recent “Actors on Actors” segment with Emily Blunt. Yet, during the photo shoot for the interview, Culkin stormed in and interrupted proceedings.

“How are you? Are you grumpy today?” Culkin asked his TV father.

Both actors have received praise for their performances of the complex and charismatic characters.

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