Kim Kardashian urged to apologise for 'distasteful' joke about Catherine, Princess of Wales

Fans have demanded an apology from Kim Kardashian over a joke she made about Catherine, Princess of Wales.

The reality TV star's Instagram account has been inundated with comments demanding she delete and apologise for a post that made fun of Catherine's absence from public life.

"On my way to go find Kate," Kim, 43, captioned the post, which was published six days before Catherine, 42, announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer. The post featured a carousel of photos of Kim in leather trousers, beside a luxury car.

While the post caused controversy when it was first published, with fans commenting that it was "disrespectful" and "tasteless", it was flooded with more angry comments after Catherine's announcement.

"She’s having cancer treatment… this didn’t age well," wrote one follower.

"Now she’s confirmed she has cancer, are you going to take this down? So distasteful."

The upset subsequently spread to Kim's other Instagram content, with growing demands for an apology.

"Wheres Kate? Oh yes she was diagnosed with cancer. Nice one Kim!" wrote one angry follower.

"Apologise to the Princess of Wales, please," wrote another.

"Please apologize about the Kate remark," one follower wrote, adding, "as a cancer survivor you will never know how difficult & devastating the news is when diagnosed".