Kim Kardashian won't discuss her beauty brand with Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner never discuss their respective beauty brands with each other.

The 43-year-old star and Kylie, 26, her half-sister, have enjoyed huge success with their brands in recent years - but they don't discuss their products or their business strategies.

Kim told Bustle magazine: "We actually don't really communicate about it. I mean, Kylie and I have very different brands.

"From the start, even our ad campaigns and stuff, we never really communicated about it because we really wanted it to be us, [and] to do exactly what we wanted and not be influenced by the other person and their choices. So we have never really discussed it, to be honest.

"Sometimes we'll call each other and be like, wait, you just posted that, I'm doing a campaign just like that. How is that possible? And we literally think it's not possible, but we're just sisters and think alike."

Kim and Kylie don't intend to change their approaches, either.

Kim said: "Things happen like that where we're like, oh, we should have communicated, but we also aren't going to check in with each other every time we're launching something. That doesn't make sense either."

The reality star feels passionately about her SKKN BY KIM brand. However, her attitude towards make-up and beauty has changed over recent years.

Kim explained: "I've always been the biggest fan of glam and always having your make-up done. But I think that my style has been changing.

"My approach before was: conceal it all, cover it all, and then add back what you want to show. But now it's just like, oh, let's lightly conceal those areas and just really enhance what you have. With the products that I'm launching, you can keep it light or you can build and that's the beauty of it all."