Kim Petras needed therapy over Unholy success

Kim Petras covers Cosmopolitan credit:Bang Showbiz
Kim Petras covers Cosmopolitan credit:Bang Showbiz

Kim Petras needed therapy following the success of 'Unholy'.

The 31-year-old singer released her first single in 2017 but her 2022 collaboration with Sam Smith propelled her to stardom and she had to seek help to learn how to "shut everything off" and deal with the pressures of her career.

She told Cosmopolitan UK's April/May issue: “Therapy was necessary for me after having a huge song, to learn how to shut everything off… I had a therapist in my teen years and stopped when things got busy. But I missed having someone to let everything out to. I recommend therapy to everyone; it’s an essential tool... The music industry can get very hectic.”

Kim feels reassured in knowing she can always call Sam when she needs help or support.

She said: “Sam’s such a wonderful person, and has been my coach in a lot of ways. If I feel in a crisis, or read something about myself that I can’t deal with, I’ll text or call them. That level of media attention is really scary; it forced me to grow as a person, and it’s so inspiring to see Sam be able to brush that off.”

The German singer often goes out with a wig to hide her blonde locks so she can enjoy herself without fans stopping her for pictures.

She said: “A night out is with a dark wig on [now]! I can’t go to gay clubs 'normally' any more – it becomes photos, photos, photos, which is amazing, but it’s a different thing.

"I can go to straight clubs all day! I love old-school nights that embrace music of the past – Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Paula Abdul, Chaka Khan…”

And because of the attention she receives now, Kim is finding it harder to date.

She said: "I went on [celebrity dating app] Raya when I was in London, but then [the media] ran a story around me being on it.

"I’m someone who really enjoys my life, and I’m interested in people who enjoy theirs...

"In general, when I date, I’m looking for people who are passionate. But dating when you have a public persona is strange.”

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