Kin fans demand a third season as season 2 finally lands in the UK

Kin (BBC)
Kin stars Emmett J Scanlan, Aidan Gillen and Charlie Cox as members of the Kinsella family, who are now at the top of the criminal underworld in season 2. (BBC)

Irish crime drama Kin series 2 has premiered on BBC One and iPlayer on Tuesday, 13 February much to the delight for fans of the series.

The series centres on the Kinsella family, who become embroiled in vicious gang warfare in Dublin when rival gang leaders Frank Kinsella (Aidan Gillen) and Eamon Cunningham (Ciarán Hinds) go head-to-head. Season 2 sees the Kinsellas at the top of the criminal underworld after their vicious clash with Cunningham in the first season, but now they must face the wrath of an even more dangerous enemy.

Some viewers were so enthralled with the new season that they binge-watched all eight episodes at once, since it landed in full on iPlayer, and many are already demanding a third season.

Kin (BBC)
Kin season 2 sees the Kinsellas faced with their most formidable enemy yet. (BBC)

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one person shared their delight at what they'd seen in the second season, writing: "Please let there be a 3rd series, phenomenal acting, edge of seat for the whole last episode."

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While another person said they were already "on episode 7 of #KIN we need series 3 asap worth a watch if haven't seen". Similarly, one person said that the new season is "brilliant" and after finishing they felt things were "set up lovely for season 3".

Other viewers were impressed with the new season, with one viewer writing: "What an exceptional series that was…. Can’t wait for season 3", and another added: "Watching #KIN again on BBC, really hope they do a third season!!"

As well as discussing their hopes for a third season, several fans heaped praise on the cast and writers after enjoying the new episodes. One person called it "must watch TV", while another wrote: "Started the #KIN binge & my admiration for the work of @EmmettScanlan just keeps growing. What a show!"

Kin s2,27-02-2024,5,Bren Kinsella ( FRANCIS MAGEE), Jimmy Kinsella ( EMMETT J. SCANLAN)
Kin fans were delighted with season 2 and after binge watching them shared their desire to see a third season get made. (BBC)

The series first premiered in the US in 2021 with the show originally landing on Sundance Now in the UK, it wasn't until 2023 that the BBC acquired the show and released the first season in November that year. By that point season 2 had already premiered in the US, so fans are no doubt ecstatic that it is now available for them in the UK.

Speaking about season 2, Emmett J. Scanlan said it was "season one amped up" and featured "high intensity, high stakes, and ferocious action" that will keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

Kin season 2 airs Tuesdays on BBC One, and all episodes are available now on iPlayer.