Kind-hearted bus driver lets stray dogs ride with him to shelter from severe storm

A bus driver has been praised for his kindness after he allowed a pair of stray dogs to ride with him so they could shelter from a severe storm.

The driver, whose identity has so far not been revealed, took the animals in as rain lashed down on Buenos Aires, Argentina, last week,

Not wanting the city’s strays to suffer in the cold and wet, the driver stopped the bus to let two he saw frightened and shivering on the side of the road on board.

The dogs were kept dry on board the bus (Facebook/Carina Barbosa)

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And he even picked them up himself and carried them on so they would feel as welcome as possible.

Passengers on board were touched with his gesture and took pictures of the dogs keeping dry on the bus.

Stella Maris San Martin told Minuto Uno: “They were two very scared little dogs.

The dogs laid down at the bus drivers feet while he drove (Facebook/Amor Por Los Animales)

“He never tried to put them off. He spoke to them like they were his own.”

It is not clear whether the driver stopped to pick up any more strays but his gesture has seen him declared a hero when the pictures were posted on Facebook.

We won’t argue with that.

Top pic: Facebook/Stella Maris San Martin