Schoolgirl, 10, is so disappointed by town’s Xmas tree she buys extra baubles herself

Emily is definitely on the nice list this year (Picture: SWNS)
Mia is definitely on the nice list this year (Picture: SWNS)

A young girl who was disappointed by the lack of festive spirit displayed on her town’s Christmas tree has taken matters into her own hands – by purchasing some decorations from her own money.

Mia Kirkden, 10, was left solely disappointed after first setting eyes on the somewhat sorry-looking tree in the seaside town of Margate, Kent.

And she certainly wasn’t the only person left feeling underwhelmed, with others branding it an ‘epic fail’ and ‘shocking’.

But now, Mia has put her hands into her own pockets and spent £2.00 of her hard-earned pocket money on livening up the tree.

Mia is bringing the Christmas spirit to Margate (Picture: SWNS)
Mia is bringing the Christmas spirit to Margate (Picture: SWNS)

‘It just made me really sad. I felt like it was putting Margate down and I didn’t like that at all. It didn’t look Christmassy at all.’

Mia chose £2.50 worth of lights and baubles from a local discount warehouse, but staff decided to charge her only £2.00 after hearing of her kind-hearted plans.

She returned to the tree on Sunday to hang the decorations with mum Kelly Magee.

Kelly, 34, said: ‘The tree was a laughing stock locally, and Mia saw it and said “why can’t we get everyone to put decorations on the tree?”

‘She just wanted to make it look pretty, like any ten-year-old would. When she was putting the decorations on the tree we had a lady come up to us and say how lovely it was.

The kind hearted youngster spent £2.00 on decorations (Picture: SWNS)
The kind hearted youngster spent £2.00 on decorations (Picture: SWNS)

‘Then a lot of people said they were going to come and do the same. To be honest I’m absolutely overwhelmed. I am so proud of her – it was completely her idea.’

Kelly added: ‘She gets £2.50 pocket money a week and she just wanted to spend it all on making the tree better to give everyone a happy Christmas and make Margate better.

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‘The tree was absolutely disgusting as it was – especially for up-and-coming Margate. It was a real shame.’

But Mia is not stopping there – and is now encouraging other locals to follow in her footsteps to add more festive cheer to the tree, along with spending her last 50p on more baubles.

‘I just wanted to make people happy.’

She’s unquestionably on Santa’s good list this year.

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