Kind words and donations flood in for Badger as he continues recovery after well ordeal

Caucasian Shepherd Badger is being looked after at JP Vets
Caucasian Shepherd Badger is being looked after at JP Vets -Credit:JP Vets

Well wishes, donations and kind offers to provide a loving home have flooded in as a dog "miraculously" found down a 15ft-deep concrete shaft continues his recovery.

The black and white Caucasian Shepherd, nicknamed Badger, was hauled from the waterlogged well in Stockton by RSPCA officers, firefighters and a passing dog walker. He was wearing a leather studded collar and is microchipped, but with no address registered to the device, his owner is still being sought.

Badger is now recovering well in the care of Jacqui Paterson's Vets in Stockton. Despite the kind offers to take him in when the time is right, the vet has advised that Badger is "a giant working dog breed" that could weigh as much as 70kg, and will need a "very special" owner".

A fundraising page set up by the RSPCA to help pay for Badger's care has now reached over £3,500. Posting on their Facebook, JP Vets said: "Thank you to everyone who has sent Badger their kind words, well wishes, gifts and donations. We have been humbled by your response to Badger's story.

"Our team have been inundated with kind offers to give him a foster home or a forever home when the time is right for him. Badger will need a very special person to match his very special personality. Badger will grow to be a big boy as he is a Caucasian Shepherd Dog 50-70kg.

"He is a giant working dog breed originated to protect property and be very loyal to their families, therefore often not a good choice for a first time dog foster."

Caucasian Shepherd Badger is being looked after at JP Vets
Caucasian Shepherd Badger is being looked after at JP Vets -Credit:JP Vets

Badger's playful side has only recently came to light after his ordeal. He now shows great amusement when rolling around the floor and darting to and fro with the nursing team which is a great indicator that he is feeling settled in his new surroundings.

The team say that Badger is really starting to act like the young playful and care free dog that he was always meant to be and thoroughly enjoys a brush down. They add that being a rather furry breed, it’s really important that his coat is kept in good condition and groomed regularly, to prevent him from getting matted, so it’s a good job Badger enjoys these fusses so much!

Earlier in the week, the team had told how Badger was starting to recover under their care. They said: "Badger has had a comfortable weekend and spent a lot of time sleeping off his awful experience. He is slowly gaining both weight and strength and his personality is starting to shine. He’s definitely found his voice too.

"Badger went without food for an unknown length of time, so introducing food again has been carefully controlled to be slow for his own health, if not this can result in a condition called refeeding syndrome. This condition is a result of the body getting too much food too quickly after a period of starvation and can cause neurological and cardiac issues, and in extreme cases, death.

"Our nurses have been managing this by using strict feeding plans this week, alongside using certain foods to reduce the risk of this life threatening condition.0 Badger is thankfully past the time period we'd expect this condition to set in and is now on a good quality diet with the calorie content designed to help him gain weight.

"We can't wait to see him at his ideal body condition in the future! And what a big boy he will be! "Thank you so much for all the well wishes we have received for badger and for all the kind donations."

You can still donate to help Badger on the fundraising page HERE. You can also find out more about JP Vets on the website or Facebook page.

Badger has gone through a lot and needs someone with a caring heart and patient personality. His size will need to be taken into consideration by anyone interested in coming forward to foster or rehome him. If you are wanting more information on the process to become the next part in Badger's journey or you can open your arms to foster any other animal then please contact the RSPCA on 0300 1238018.

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