King’s cancer diagnosis – who are his medical team?

King’s cancer diagnosis – who are his medical team?

The King is facing regular treatment following his cancer diagnosis.

Here the PA news agency looks at which medical professionals have been tasked with helping Charles with health issues.

– Michael Dixon

Michael Dixon has been head of the Royal Medical Household since 2022.

His previous roles include a practising GP, a fellow of the Royal College of GPs, a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; former chair of NHS Alliance; and the chair of the College of Medicine.

Mr Dixon was also made an OBE for services to primary care.

Reports previously suggested the appointment received criticism due to his championing of alternative medicines such as faith healing and herbalism.

A statement from Buckingham Palace, which was reported by the Daily Mail at the time of his appointment, read: “Dr Dixon does not believe homeopathy can cure cancer.

“His position is that complementary therapies can sit alongside conventional treatments, provided they are safe, appropriate and evidence based.”

In October last year, Mr Dixon helped develop a health initiative by the Prince’s Foundation which promoted playing the bagpipes to improve certain lung conditions and breathing difficulties.

It has been reported that although he is head of the Royal Medical Household, he is not the King’s physician.

– Ranan Dasgupta

Ranan Dasgupta was the King’s Serjeant Surgeon when he received treatment for an enlarged prostate last month.

The Cambridge University graduate is a urological surgeon who specialises in specific forms of treatment for an enlarged prostate and is based at the London Clinic.

The Daily Telegraph said Mr Dasgupta was appointed to the Royal Medical Household in March last year.

According to the London Clinic’s website, he has interests in comprehensive treatments for prostatic enlargement, renal stone management and prevention, neuropathic voiding conditions, and urothelial malignancy.