King Edward VII's X-Rated Chair Is Something You Need To See

This is King Edward VII.

King Edward VII stands in a formal pose, wearing regal attire including a ceremonial robe, sash, and holding a scepter
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He was the son of Queen Victoria — namesake of the Victorian Era — and the great-grandfather of the recently departed Queen Elizabeth II.

A historical portrait of King Edward VII, wearing a military uniform adorned with medals and elaborate decorations
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He was also so freak nasty that our boy was nicknamed "Edward the Caresser."

Yes, according to Edward VII: The Prince of Wales and the Women He Loved, a book by historian and journalist Catharine Arnold, Edward had a line of sex workers, socialites, actresses, and aristocrats knocking at his bedchamber.

And he was so audacious with his open displays of affection for these women that he designated a pew at his coronation for "the King's special ladies," USA Today reports.

His wife, Queen Alexandra, knew of his affairs and showed kindness toward the women she shared Edward with, even allowing his mistress, Alice Keppel, to visit Edward on his deathbed.

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra pose in royal attire with crowns and elaborate robes, showcasing regal elegance in a formal portrait
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The man's sex life was scandalous, to say the least, and if that's not enough horny history for you, then allow me to introduce you to a part of Edward's legacy that recently entranced nearly 18 million viewers when a video of one of his prized possessions went viral: his siège d'amour.


Marie Antoinette-inspired ornate chair with a floral print and curved design on display, resembling an upside-down chair in a museum setting
Photo Courtesy of M.S. Rau, New Orleans

It was specifically designed for King Edward's interest in having sex with two women at once. One on the top...

An intricately designed antique exercise machine with ornate patterns, resembling a cross between a bench and a step ladder
Photo Courtesy of M.S. Rau, New Orleans

...and one on the bottom.

Antique exercise machine with intricate design, detailed upholstery, and foot pedals, showcased against a plain background
Photo Courtesy of M.S. Rau, New Orleans

If you're confused about how it works, allow these stick figures to illustrate. Example one:

Three stick figures on an ornate vintage-style chair: two standing on top and one sitting below
Photo Courtesy of M.S. Rau, New Orleans

Example two:

Intricately designed high-heeled shoes decorated with a floral pattern and surrounded by colorful stick figure drawings
Photo Courtesy of M.S. Rau, New Orleans

Example three:

Three stick figures drawn atop a vintage ornate chair: one standing upright, another seated, and the third lying across the seat
Photo Courtesy of M.S. Rau, New Orleans

Example four:

Three stick figures, one seated and two standing on an ornate piece of furniture shaped like two side-by-side chairs with floral cushions
Photo Courtesy of M.S. Rau, New Orleans

The options are truly endless, and upon learning about the chair, people online were shocked.

User comments: "The grips for his feet is crazy"
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"BABY HE WAS KANKYYYY," one person said in response.

Comment by Sweetness <3 reads: "Oh that's three- BABY HE WAS KANKYYYYY". The comment has 76.9K likes and is dated 2 days ago
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"I DIDMT EVEN TEALIZE THE PERSON ON THE BOTTOM," another added before they were able to see my illustrious stick figures.

User comments, "I DIDMT EVEN REALIZE THE PERSON ON THE BOTTOM" with surprised and skull emojis. The comment has 50K likes and 77 replies
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Some suggested the chair showed an attentive side of the king. "Okay but he made sure the ladies were comfy 🤣🤣🤣 They had themselves a time!!"

User comments, "Okay but he made sure the ladies were comfy. ??? They had themselves a time!!" with 32.9K likes and 30 replies
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And admired his appreciation for detail. "The heel support for the feet so bro doesn't slip."

User comment: "The heel support for the feet so bro doesn’t slip???." The comment received 28.6K likes, posted 3 days ago
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King Edward VII was truly in his Christian Grey era.

A social media comment saying, "King Edward was in his Christian Grey era"
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So yeah! There's your horny history of the day ya nasties.

If you'd lke to see the chair in person, two replicas have been made. One is located in the Sex Machines Museum in Prague and another in a New Orleans antique shop called M.S. Rau.