King Princess details meeting with 'mean' Christina Aguilera

King Princess details meeting with 'mean' Christina Aguilera

King Princess loved meeting "mean" Christina Aguilera.

The 25-year-old singer/songwriter (real name Mikaela Straus) recounted being in the studio with their friend Tao when Christina accidentally walked in on their session.

Straus told 'Queer the Music' podcast: "I love when a pop girl is mean. One time I was in the studio with my friend Tao and Christina Aguilera was working with Mark in the same studio next. And she walked in and she saw us and was like, ‘Oh,’ and she walked out and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that was Christina Aguilera'. And then I walked out to leave because it was clearly our time to go. She's here, time to get out of the studio. It's her time now.

"And Mark goes, ‘Did you meet Mikaela and Teo?’ And [Aguilera] goes, ‘Yeah, I saw the children.’ That meant a lot to me."

Meanwhile, Straus previously praised Mark for respecting their perspective as a "young, queer woman".

They told "It's like I think that he is really respectful of the fact that I have the perspective of a young, queer woman, and I'm a young person. He's just always been like, 'That's [what] that people listen to.' People listen to '1950' because you feel like you're in my shoes, and that's a hard thing to do when you're trying to appeal to a demographic of people who are completely different from you. He was just like, 'I felt it.' That meant the world to me, just hearing that my instincts about my production and sounds were right.

"Him and I have a really interesting relationship, because I think he probably thought that I was more of an artist and less of a producer. It turns out I'm probably more of a producer and less of an artist. I think my brain functions in the studio like a producer's. It's just like working with him, is like sometimes we butt heads, and sometimes we clash because I'm like an apprentice producer under him. That's kind of like our relationship.

"He's a master of sound. So, we get in these weird tiffs about how long he takes to get the perfect sound. I'm just like making everything so fast, and he's like, 'No. You have to wait, get everything right.' Which I appreciate because it teaches me how to slow down and really take time to make something because then you get a record like his record that sounds tailored."