'Kink dungeon' plans for West Country private members club

The premises once occupied by The Vault is available 'to let'
The premises once occupied by The Vault is available 'to let' -Credit:Elliot Ball

Plans for a new 'kink dungeon' in the West Country have been revealed. Plans for what is described as a "premier swingers and LGBT friendly bar with a passion for kink" in Plymouth has been put forward with a licensing application for Vault72 submitted to Plymouth City Council this week.

Vault72's website says: "We are a social hub for like-minded people who are open to exploring alternative lifestyles. Choose life and the people you want to live it with,".

The site further explains: "Vault72 was founded by a group of people who share a common interest in liberated, alternative and kink lifestyles. Joining vault72 means gaining access to various events to meet like-minded people who share your passion."

The licensing plans propose changes to the hours of operation and Sale of Alcohol to 11am 11pm, Monday to Thursday, 11am to midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 11am to 10pm on Sunday. The application also seeks to remove a condition of the existing licence which prohibits adult entertainment.

A statement accompanying the licensing application outlines the vision for the 72 Mutley Plain site. It clarifies that the venue will be a private, members-only social bar, aiming to create a welcoming social hub for individuals of alternative sexual identification and lifestyle, to meet like-minded people, as reports Plymouth Live.

The application states: "This will now become a private, strictly members only social bar. All our guests have obtained a paid membership directly from the management. In a very kind and polite manner we turn the general public away.

"There are no exterior signs, just a vague logotype and the windows are blacked out in a very aesthetic, non intimidating manner. The concept is to create a friendly social hub for people of alternative sexual identification and lifestyle, to meet like minded people and socialize in a way they wouldn't be able to do in a mainstream bar.

"The layout is a ground floor bar area (that has not changed at all from the previous restaurant layout) and a themed basement area that only includes banquet seating and exhibition furniture and constructions."

The website says that they offer a variety of swingers, kink and bi/gay events to our members to explore and socialise in a safe and comfortable environment. Their website also offers the option for 'fun at the dungeon' to book the dungeon for private hour, costing £120 for two hours.

The licensing application will be determined by Plymouth City Council at a future date. Public comments can be submitted up until May 20.