Kirsten Dunst Would Do Another 'Bring It On' Film Under One Condition

Kirsten Dunst Would Do Another 'Bring It On' Film Under One Condition

I mean, right on!

In today's potential reboot news, Kirsten Dunst has us screaming, "Awesome! Oh wow! Like totally freak me out," because the actress isn't totally opposed to doing another Bring It On movie. But, she does has a concessions before she fully commits.

"I mean, it depends," she told Entertainment Tonight at a screening of her upcoming film, Civil War, when asked if she would ever slip back into her Rancho Carne High School cheer uniform. "Everyone's bringing back their stuff, right?"

Before fans get too excited about Dunst participating in a "a little throwback," the actress will only do it under one condition: "As long as it's not embarrassing."

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Dunst played head cheerleader Torrance Shipman at RCH and starred alongside Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union, Jesse Bradford, and Clare Kramer in the original 2000 film, which has gone on to become a major movie franchise, Broadway musical, and just overall pop-culture fixation. Union has previously confirmed that a sequel focusing her character Isis's East Compton cheer team was in the works.

"We've been developing a sequel that centers on the [Clovers]," she told ET. "We are working on it."

She also told Variety at the time that they had been working on a new movie "forever:" "For folks who don't exactly understand how long development can take in Hollywood, that could be five minutes or 50 years."

The movie's director, Peyton Reed, also revealed last year that he, Dunst, Union, and Jessica Bendinger (writer of the OG flick) had spoken about the possibility of reviving their characters on the big screen.

"We got together for the 20th anniversary, which was a couple of years ago and started talking about [it]," he told ET. "We'd always been thinking about it. What if there's a legacy sequel that features the whole original cast? Obviously, 20 some years later, we would come at that movie from a totally different direction. And Gabrielle has not only ideas, but great ideas. So, that is something that I hope we can continue to discuss." 

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