Kirsten Dunst tripped on the 2024 Oscars red carpet

kirsten dunst tripped on the oscars 2024 red carpet
Kirsten Dunst tripped on a statue at the OscarsJohn Shearer - Getty Images

Kirsten Dunst was literally all of us when she accidentally bumped into a statuette on the red carpet of the 2024 Oscars. Like, truly could not think of a more relatable moment—especially while I lay here watching the ceremony from my bed with PJs on.

Luckily, the actor had her husband Jesse Plemons by her side, who sweetly helped her out and seemingly gave her words of encouragement afterwards.

Interestingly enough, Kirsten wasn’t the only person to take a tumble on the red carpet. Earlier on in the night, Liza Koshy—who stunned in a red off-the-shoulder Marchesa gown and massive platform heels—lost her footing and fell on the ground. Through it all, however, the comedian kept laughing and kept things moving like the star she is.

And though she didn’t have Jesse by her side, she *did* luckily have two people immediately come to her rescue and help her get back on her feet.

But back to Kirsten and Jesse. The Marie Antoinette star recently revealed that she and her husband have been working on yet another project together, which is a big win for fans of their *chef’s kiss* showmance-to-romance pipeline.

In her latest Marie Claire interview, Kirsten opened up about recommending her husband for a minor role in the Alex Garland–directed action film Civil War after the original actor dropped out. However, according to the celeb, she and Jesse are the definition of ~chill~ at work. “Because we fell in love on a set, we fell in love creatively first. I think we’ll always come back to that, in a very not-involving-our-real-life way,” the actor mused before adding, “And also, listen, we don’t talk to each other on set. I left him alone, he left me alone.”

That’s not to say the two don’t enjoy hanging out though! “I love working with him,” Kirsten gushed during the convo. “What’s nice is that we trust each other so much.”

Literally, could not be more obsessed with these two if we tried!

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