Kirstie Alley claims gender-inclusive term 'chestfeeding' is degrading to women

Kirstie Alley has taken issue with the gender-inclusive term 'chestfeeding'. (Getty Images)
Kirstie Alley has taken issue with the gender-inclusive term 'chestfeeding'. (Getty)

Kirstie Alley has said she finds the gender-inclusive use of the term "chestfeeding" degrading to women, branding it "insanity".

The Look Who's Talking actor - who is the mother of two adopted children - has reacted to new guidelines from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, which recently urged the use of "gender-inclusive language" such as "chestfeeding," "parent's milk" and "human milk feeding".

Alley, 70, wrote on Twitter: "BREAST-FEEDING IS what WOMEN do. Women also bottle feed. Men bottle feed too. We do not have to buckle to the insanity of the minuscule minority of lunatics who make us feel guilty for not sharing their insanity. “Chest feeding?” “human milk feeding?” WTF STOP IT!!!"

The Cheers star went on: "I’m a little tired of the degrading and nullifying of women and their abilities. Breastfeeding is one of our abilities. It’s a beautiful and important ability. Knock off the nullifying of women fir the sake of lunatics. Equal rights does not equal insanity."

Defending her comments Alley added: "We all have opinions. Probably the main reason social media is so popular. Especially on our own sites. I guess it’s also inviting other opinions of our opinions but I don’t feel obligated to be “sweet” when people are nasty to me about my own site opinions. BlAh blAh blAh.

"It’s our personal responsibility to agree or disagree with concepts. My only point here today is don’t let insanity force you to pretend like you agree with the insanity. It’s part of the insanity to shame you into agreement.

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Kirstie Alley attends the premiere of HBO's
Kirstie Alley is very vocal about her personal opinions on social media. (AP)

"My views of this BS are not political. I have plenty of friends from both political persuasions who SHARE the view of the INSANITIES being shoved down our throats by pervs trying to degrade our society. Don’t be afraid to disagree with people who seek to pervert workable morals."

Alley is often outspoken on social media - and in 2020 publicly voiced her support for Donal Trump during the US presidential elections.

She recently said she felts she had been "blackballed" by Hollywood as a result.

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Kirstie Alley during the final of Celebrity Big Brother 2018, at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire. Picture date: Monday September 10th, 2018. Photo credit should read: Matt Crossick/ EMPICS Entertainment.
Kirstie Alley was runner-up on 'Celebrity Big Brother' 2018. (PA)

Alley told Fox News show Tucker Carlson Today: "People go, ‘You’re so brave.’ I go, ‘No, I think I’m stupid’. Because honestly, it is a real situation. And it is a real blackballing situation. It’s so strange to me because artists are free-thinkers, for the most part.

“You can be cooking meth and sleeping with hookers, as long as apparently you didn’t vote for Trump. I feel like I’m in The Twilight Zone a bit, with the whole concept of it."

Scientologist Alley was runner-up in the final series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2018.

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