I Kissed a Boy's Dannii Minogue calls out dating shows for excluding LGBTQ+ people

dannii minogue
Dannii Minogue calls out non-LGBTQ+ dating showsBBC

I Kissed a Boy host Dannii Minogue has questioned the lack of LGBTQ+ dating shows out there.

The Australian TV presenter told Radio Times and other press ahead of the premiere of the BBC dating show that it's "about time" there was a place on TV for members of the LGBTQ+ community to find love.

She also hit out at shows that have failed to include gay couples over the years.

"I think so many people have been wanting a gay dating show. There are so many comments that I've read over the years – 'Our brand of dating show, it's not going to include that, it's never gonna happen,'" she said.

dannii minogue

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"And it's confusing to me why so many people are asking for it but then nobody was making this show."

Minogue continued: "I actually got asked yesterday, 'Had you been asked to do a lot of other shows like this and this was the first one you said yes to?' and I was like, 'No, this is the first time that's ever come up.'

"So I think a lot of people wanted it, but it just wasn't happening."

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The former X Factor judge also admitted that she was initially "concerned" about "the intentions of everyone" involved in the making of I Kissed a Boy.

"The LGBTQ+ community is very important to me, my friends, my people. I didn't want to be part of anything that was not aligned with my intentions of looking after those people, wanting it to be great for them, wanting it to be a really cool experience," she explained.

"So it was a lot of research for me before getting from that first conversation to actually filming it. I think we've got a great cast, we've got a great crew looking after everyone and these guys' lives are going to change overnight."

I Kissed a Boy premieres this Sunday (May 14) on BBC Three at 9pm.

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