Kit Harington Takes Selfies With Disappointed Fans After His Play Is Cancelled

Kit Harington has proven that he’s a pretty decent guy after he did whatever he could to cheer up disappointed fans when two performances of his new play ‘Doctor Faustus’ were cancelled.

We mean, whatever he could aside from telling them if Jon Snow is alive, of course.

That would have been way too much to ask.

Both the matinee and evening performance of the West End play were axed on Saturday due to flooding at the Duke of York theatre, but Kit was on hand in the theatre lobby in a bid to try and make it up to disappointed audience members.

According to “Harington met his fans in the theatre lobby to sign posters and take selfies”, and to be honest, that was probably more than they ever could have wished for.

The shows’ cancellations were announced on their official website, with a brief statement reading: “We are sorry to announce that both performances of 'Faustus’ have been cancelled today; Saturday 30th April, due to unforeseen circumstances.

"Please contact your vendor for an exchange or refund.”

Kit previously revealed that having a firm base in London was one of the major reasons why he decided to star in the play because he misses home when he’s filming HBO series Game Of Thrones.

He explained: “I’m a London boy. It’s my home, I love this place. At the moment I’m around my friends and my girlfriend. In a shallow way, that’s a reason to take this job.

"Privacy can be hard when you get some success, but the really difficult thing is being away so much. What I’ve found hardest about being in 'Thrones’
and on TV is how lonely it is.”

Well we’re glad that he’s left the Night’s Watch for long enough to spend some time at home - even if Jon did have to die in order for him to do so.