Komodo dragon welcomes the year of the dragon in style

To commemorate the Lunar New Year's Year of the Dragon, a festive celebration was held for Kraken the Komodo dragon at the Australian Reptile Park.

Kraken was presented with an assortment of exquisite meat treats housed in eye-catching red and gold containers.

Upon spotting the festive offerings, Kraken approached with an elegance and allure reminiscent of a dragon performing a ceremonial dance.

He quickly set about unwrapping and enjoying the meaty delicacies inside each box.

After indulging in the celebratory feast, Kraken elegantly strolled to his pool for a revitalizing dip.

Mitch Gasnier, a Reptile Keeper at the Australian Reptile Park, said: "Celebrating this auspicious year with Kraken, our own version of a dragon, is truly exciting. He's an incredible creature, and it's an honour to share his presence with our guests during this festive season."