Kookaburras Go Beak-to-Beak in Feisty Tug of War Over Food

Two kookaburras faced off in a tense battle for a mouse on an overhead electricity wire in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville in New South Wales, recently shared video shows.

Brett Sutton said he was walking along a quiet road in Marrickville on March 23 when he heard a loud commotion coming from the overhead wire.

When Sutton investigated the sound he discovered the two birds in a standoff. Video by Sutton shows one kookaburra hanging in the air as it tussles with the other kookaburra perched on the electricity wire.

Another bird can be seen intervening in the battle causing the hanging kookaburra to lose its focus and fly away.

“While it looks like the second kookaburra is coming back up at the end of the video, he didn’t challenge the one on the wire,” Sutton added. Credit: Brett Sutton via Storyful

Video transcript