Kristen Stewart responds to 'sexist and homophobic' backlash over Rolling Stone cover

Kristen Stewart has responded to the "sexist and homophobic" backlash over her recent Rolling Stone cover.

The actress addressed the negative reaction to her January cover shoot during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night.

During the episode, the talk show host explained that CBS had asked him not to show the cover on air.

"We were asked by CBS not to show it," he told Kristen. "They thought that would not be a good idea for us to show this and I don't understand why."

Stephen then revealed the cover anyway, which shows the Twilight star wearing a white jockstrap and a black leather vest, with her hand down the front of the jockstrap.

"I want to say that you look better in a jockstrap than I ever did," the host said as the audience cheered.

When asked about the backlash she received over the cover, Kristen said that she thought the reactions were "ironic".

"You know, I think it's a little um ... well, it's a little ironic because I feel like I've seen, like, a lot of male pubic hair on the cover of things," the Spencer star told Stephen. "I've seen, like, a lot of hands in pants and like, unbuttoned ... I think there's a certain overt acknowledgement of a female sexuality that has its own volition in a way that is annoying for people who are sexist and homophobic."

Stephen agreed, adding that he's seen "more revealing covers on Rolling Stone or Sports Illustrated, for that matter."

Kristen then argued that the cover challenged preconceived notions about women's freedom of sexual expression.

"Female sexuality isn't supposed to actually want anything but to be had," she stated. "(The cover) feels like it's protruding in a way that might be annoying. But f**k you."