KSI vs Tommy Fury, Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis LIVE! Reaction as press conference descends into chaos

An absolutely chaotic press conference for KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis gave a glimpse of the PRIME Card fight night on October 14.

It was a short affair, truth be told, which saw very few actual questions asked of the fighters as they set about each other with extreme levels of trash talking. KSI and Fury showed their lack of love for each other with the man who downed Jake Paul threatening to end the YouTube boxing hype.

However the biggest chaos came courtesy of Paul and Danis, with a birthday cake representing Danis laying knocked out on the canvas presented for his 30th birthday by his rival.

There were scraps and a face-off between KSI and Fury ended in a scufflle when KSI shoved his opponent, but John Fury stole the show altogether by flipping two tables after getting fed up with some rather nasty verbal jibes thrown between Paul and Danis.

KSI vs Fury, Logan vs Danis latest news

  • Press conference start time: 4pm BST, Wembley Arena

  • How to watch: DAZN and YouTube above

  • How to buy tickets to main event in Manchester

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17:02 , Marc Mayo

No face off between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis.

“They’ve both left the building,” confirms promoter Kalle Sauerland.

See you all on October 14, where we’ll be covering a huge night of boxing LIVE!

Thanks for joining us, we’ll leave you with the man mountain that is John Fury...

Logan Paul presents Dillon Danis’ birthday cake

16:59 , Marc Mayo

No sign of Dillon Danis and Logan Paul

16:57 , Marc Mayo

Kalle Sauerland admits “we’re still looking for them”.

KSI and Tommy Fury separated

16:56 , Marc Mayo

“I’m different, I’m no Victoria’s Secret!” shouts KSI as he threatens to KO Tommy Fury.

KSI comes back out to address the crowd...

“F*** him and everything he stands for, I’ll be the one to beat Tommy Fury,” he says. “Watch and learn. Everyone thinks he’s going to beat me, we’ll see.”

KSI and Tommy Fury face off

16:54 , Marc Mayo

The fighters go nose to nose and start chatting before KSI throws a shove in!

They get separated before KSI shouts “come on then” while being held back by his bodyguard.

John Fury wants some too!

Face offs coming up!

16:53 , Marc Mayo

Kalle Sauerland confirms KSI and Tommy Fury will come out for a face-off in a few minutes’ time. Not one to be missed.

Who knows where John Fury will be in amongst this!

Dillon Danis takes to social media

16:50 , Marc Mayo

Highlights: The first scrap of the press conference

16:46 , Marc Mayo

Highlights: John Fury gets fired up

16:44 , Marc Mayo

Don’t go anywhere

16:42 , Marc Mayo

Right, apparently they reckon they can do some face offs - with a fence in place between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul.

Good luck!

Kalle Sauerland says we’ll have a face-off

16:41 , Marc Mayo

“We knew it was explosive, we didn’t know it’d come from John Fury,” he says.

A face off is coming up for both fights!

That’s that

16:40 , Marc Mayo

What just happened?

Logan Paul finds the head of the cake

16:38 , Marc Mayo

And he lobs it right at Dillon Danis’ team, prompting another scramble.

“That’s a wrap,” declares the MC. Madness. Sheer madness.

John Fury kicks off

16:37 , Marc Mayo

The whole stage has just been kicked to the ground by John Fury! Good luck to the security here...

John Fury is the biggest box office draw here

16:36 , Marc Mayo

He’s getting right fed up with all this chat.

“We’re fighting men!” he stands up and bellows. “Get the cake and shove it up your ******** before I do it.”

“Where’s McGregor” asks Logan Paul

16:36 , Marc Mayo

No sign of the Irishman, actually. He did have a spot set out earlier on.

More chat about girlfriends, mothers being whatever etc etc.

Another scramble

16:34 , Marc Mayo

Not entirely sure what started that as KSI and Dillon Danis both jumped up, Tommy Fury still sat down and Logan Paul holding the cake.

It’s not exactly going to make it past showstopper week on Bake Off but he says everyone in the crowd can have a slice.

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul start off

16:33 , Marc Mayo

Logan Paul says he’s got a gift for Dillon Danis, on his 30th birthday. It’s a birthday cake! John Fury tells him not to throw it, but Paul cracks on regardless and starts signing happy birthday.

Lo and behold! It’s a cake of Danis getting knocked out.

John Fury wants an arm wrestle between KSI and Tommy Fury

16:32 , Marc Mayo

“I’ll slap him,” says KSI. Then he jumps up and the bodyguards pile in. One just picks him up as Tommy Fury throws a little push into the melee.

Early predictions

16:31 , Marc Mayo

KSI claims he “only needs four rounds” ahead of this six-round contest, Tommy Fury comes back with just “one”.

“You knocked out an old man with your elbow,” says Fury. “You beat nobody.”

John Fury’s had enough!

16:30 , Marc Mayo

Tommy Fury throws “skinny man” jibe at KSI and says he’s worse than Jake Paul.

John Fury interrupts the arguments: “Let’s talk some proper stuff - its not kindergarden. It’s serious... so let’s talk about how it’s going to happen!”

KSI previews the fight

16:28 , Marc Mayo

“This is going to be huge, an electrifying night. It’s going to be crazy and I cant wait. Lots say I have zero chance but when I knock out Tommy Fury you’re going to look at me differently. No dreaming, facts.”

Early blows between Danis and Paul

16:27 , Marc Mayo

Big trash talk vibes between those two and Dillon Danis lobs his hat at Logan Paul.

Last but not least, KSI

16:26 , Marc Mayo

The home favourite steps out, clutching his belt and fist-bumping Logan Paul.

Here comes Logan Paul

16:25 , Marc Mayo

The YouTuber has a big old poster rolled up in his hand, he unfurls it with a “real fighter” caption to a poster of Dillon Danis being taken down by a bodyguard.

Tommy Fury enters the stage

16:23 , Marc Mayo

Tommy Fury steps out at Wembley Arena to a couple of cheers and boos from the crowd. John Fury follows him.

“I’m very well, thank you for coming out, hope everyone’s well,” he says. “I said I’d end [YouTube boxing] in 12 months, I fought Jake and now KSI. It will be done.”

Dillon Danis first up

16:22 , Marc Mayo

Here comes the birthday boy, dressed in a Toy Story alien hat and he lobs the PRIME bottle into the crowd by his seat.

“Tastes like s***,” he says.

Big news, drink fans

16:20 , Marc Mayo

Kalle Sauerland adds that this fight will lead to a “very exclusive” PRIME bottle. Well, then.

Record-breaking ambitions

16:19 , Marc Mayo

DAZN’s Ade Oladipo is the MC for this press conference and he first brings out DAZN chief Joe Markowski and promoter Kalle Sauerland, who says it’s a “fact” that this fight night will break all PPV records.

Here we go!

16:16 , Marc Mayo

Looks like we’re about to start the press conferences at Wembley Arena!

Delay to press conferences start

16:06 , Marc Mayo

DAZN have confirmed a “delay” to the start of today’s event. No word yet on when it will start.

Logan Paul goes live to trash talk Dillon Danis before their face off

16:01 , Marc Mayo

Nearly time!

15:58 , Marc Mayo

We’re just moments away from the start of the press conferences for KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis.

Stay tuned...

Leaked footage from KSI-Tommy Fury face off has emerged online

15:55 , Marc Mayo

Conor McGregor to feature at the press conference?

15:52 , Marc Mayo

Supposedly the Irish UFC legend has a seat at the table for today’s event...

Not long until we get underway!

Conor McGregor next up for KSI?

15:47 , Marc Mayo

Once KSI has fought Tommy Fury, will he fancy a crack at Conor McGregor?

At Anthony Joshua’s fight with Robert Helenius earlier this month, there were call-outs left, right and centre between the pair.

“I know your man KSI is in the crowd,” McGregor told DAZN. “He couldn’t box eggs if he worked in an egg boxing factory.

“So if he wants to get in here I’ll give him a fight in bare knuckle if he wants.”

Special day for Dillon Danis

15:43 , Marc Mayo

It’s his birthday, as he turns the ripe old age of 30. I’d have guessed like 37 but there we go.

Countdown to the press conference

15:39 , Marc Mayo

Just 20 minutes until we get underway in London.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis: No love lost...

15:35 , Marc Mayo

Trash talk hypes Tommy Fury to KO KSI

15:28 , Marc Mayo

What is KSI’s net worth?

15:23 , Marc Mayo

According to reports, the 30-year-old is worth $27 million, which equates to a little over £21 million.

His wealth has accumulated over the years as his YouTube career flourished, as did his subsequent music career. His content deals with Amazon Prime have been lucrative, as have his businesses.

Latest fight odds

15:16 , Marc Mayo

Tommy Fury - 1/3

KSI - 9/4

Draw - 10/1

Odds via Skybet, subject to change

KSI in a confident mood

15:10 , Alex Young

KSI has been in a very confident mood ahead of the fight and we’re expecting more of the same today.

Here’s what he said for the Manchester date was announced.

“I came back to boxing to show the world the crazy levels I’m at,” a statement read. "I’ve shown through obliterating all my past opponents that I am the best in this scene.

“KO after KO has now led me to the toughest fight in the influencer boxing scene.

"I’m fighting Tommy Fury. The man that defeated the once undefeated Jake Paul is now my opponent and I can’t wait to silence all the doubters that believe I have no chance.

"After this fight, you’ll understand that I truly am that guy.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)


14:56 , Alex Young

Tickets for today’s press conference were snapped up in minutes when given up for free last week, but tickets to the main event in October are up for grabs from today.

Presale tickets for the highly anticipated AO Arena showdown are on sale now. General sale will be on Friday, August 25 at 10am from Ticketmaster.

Who is Dillon Danis?

14:43 , Alex Young

So, who is Dillon Danis?

Well, he's a MMA fighter who has previously worked as a coach with Conor McGregor in UFC. He is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and has grabbed with UFC great McGregor in the past.

He has a perfect 2-0 record from two Belator fights, but this will be his first boxing match.

Danis was at one point thought to be lining up a fight against Jake Paul, but it is older brother Logan who he will face in Manchester. He also pulled out of a fight against KSI back in December.

Danis has spent much of the past few weeks goading Paul with distasteful comments about his fiance Nina Agdal.

Danis running scared?

14:26 , Alex Young

Both Logan Paul and Dillon Danis have landed in London ahead of the press conference.

But Paul claims his opponent considered running scared. Logan went live on Instagram earlier today with KSI and claimed Danis had failed to show up to a planned face to face.

“Dillon has locked himself in his room, and refuses to come down,” he said. KSI added that Danis was a “little hermit”, then said: “All this talk on Twitter, his Instagram, but then, in real life, scared,” KSI continued.

“I think he’s s***ting himself,” Logan said, before showing a crew and camera waiting for Danis to show up.

He then said: “Look how many people are here, waiting for this one guy to show up. Who has locked himself in his room.”

Danis eventually showed up 40 minutes late.

How it started

14:14 , Alex Young

Of course, KSI vs Tommy Fury this all started after that win for the latter in Saudi Arabia over Jake Paul.

It was inevitable and KSI made sure by calling Fury out following his own win over Joe Fournier.

"Tommy Fury! I want this! I want this! I want to do what Jake Paul couldn't, knock you out," shouted KSI in the ring.

Fury replied: "That's never ever going to happen. Sign me up, easy money. You are going to sleep in four rounds. Gun ho, no defence, head movement, sign me up, I cannot wait.

"You didn't box a pro boxer tonight, I'm a pro boxer. I have already ticked off one name in Jake Paul and you will be ticked off as well and Misfits is going to be over."

KSI, having been pushed by Fury inside the ring then added: "I want it this year. I'm hungry, I need it, I need it, I need it."

Both have got their wish.


Fury: I’ll beat every YouTuber pretender

14:03 , Alex Young

Tommy Fury has been clear about his intentions ahead of fighting KSI.

Having made easy work for Jake Paul earlier this year, Fury wants to do the same to another YouTuber-turned-boxer, and is happy to keep doing that until the trend stops.

"Everybody knows what's next for me, it's being teased at the minute. Hopefully we can get this KSI fight over the line and I'll knock off another YouTuber," he told Sky Sports..

"That's my plan for this year. I want to end YouTube boxing within 12 months. So that's my plan. So we'll see," Fury said.

"I don't know. I just take it one fight at a time. All these guys are the same to me. There's not one that stands out from the rest. They're all about the same. So anyone can get it. I'm not bothered. I'm used to, growing up fighting against proper boxers. These guys are a bit of a joke."

Tommy Fury (Nick Potts/PA) (PA Archive)
Tommy Fury (Nick Potts/PA) (PA Archive)

Where to watch the press conference?

13:48 , Alex Young

Today’s press conference will be broadcast on DAZN, the PPV service who will also show the event in October.

But fear not if you are not a subscriber, as you can watch the whole thing on YouTube via KSI’s channel or the Misfits Boxing channel.

The stream is embedded above, too, so you don’t even need to go looking for it.


13:41 , Alex Young

Good afternoon and welcome to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of what should prove to be an entertaining afternoon at Wembley Arena.

KSI, Tommy Fury, Jake Paul and Dillon Danis are set to face the media, and each other, ahead of their huge ‘PRIME Card’ co-main event showdown in Manchester in October.

The press conference kicks off at 4pm. Stick with us we build up to the fiery showdown and cover every word said.