How Kwasi Kwarteng's 38 days compare to the shortest-serving chancellors in history

Kwasi Kwarteng
Kwasi Kwarteng

Kwasi Kwarteng has become one of the shortest-serving chancellors ever after being sacked following just 38 days in office.

Here, the Telegraph looks at how Mr Kwarteng compares to other short-term occupants of 11 Downing Street.

Kwasi Kwarteng - 38 days

Mr Kwarteng may have only been in office for 38 days, but he had a turbulent run as Chancellor.

His first move was to announce an energy price guarantee limiting the average annual bill to £2,500, and his mini-Budget contained the biggest tax-cutting package in decades.

But this was followed by market turmoil, accusations from Labour he had "crashed the economy", and an embarrassing climbdown at the Tory Party conference which saw him scrap plans to abolish the top 45p rate of income tax.

His departure comes after he cut short his trip to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the US amid pressure to reverse further aspects of the mini-Budget and campaign promises made by Liz Truss.

Iain Macleod - 30 days (June 20, 1970 - July 20, 1970)

Mr Kwarteng is not the shortest-serving chancellor since the office in its current form was established in 1817.

Iain Macleod, the Conservative politician, had spent five years as shadow chancellor, but died suddenly only 30 days after entering No 11 as part of Edward Heath's government in 1970.

Baron Denman - 31 days (November 14, 1834 - December 15, 1834)

Thomas Denman, 1st Baron Denman, served as Lord Chief Justice for 18 years between 1832 and 1850, but acted as interim chancellor for 31 days during Queen Victoria's reign.

The Whig politician was succeeded by Sir Robert Peel, who would briefly undertake the role at the same time as his prime ministerial duties.

Nadhim Zahawi - 63 days (July 5, 2022 - September 6, 2022)

Nadhim Zahawi was appointed as Boris Johnson's chancellor in the final days of his premiership after Rishi Sunak quit.

Nadhim Zahawi - Jamie Lorriman
Nadhim Zahawi - Jamie Lorriman

But the day after his appointment, Mr Zahawi, previously a Tory education secretary and vaccines minister, published a letter with a clear message for Mr Johnson, which read: "You must do the right thing and go now."

Unlike dozens of ministerial colleagues, he did not resign himself and remained in post until Ms Truss's reshuffle on September 6, when he was made the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

George Canning - 103 days (April 27, 1827 - August 8, 1827)

A Tory statesman who previously held a number of Cabinet roles, Mr Canning was prime minister and chancellor at the same time.

However, he died in office after his health collapsed in August 1827, becoming Britain's shortest-serving prime minister ever.