Kyle MacLachlan shares favorite movie lists for his “Sex and the City” and “Twin Peaks” characters

Trey MacDougal loving "No Hard Feelings" tracks.

Kyle MacLachlan has joined Letterboxd — and he's sharing lists of favorite movies for some of his most iconic characters.

The Fallout star shared his account on the movie-logging social media platform on Wednesday, revealing top-10 movie lists for Sex and the City's Trey MacDougal, Twin Peaks' Dale Cooper, Desperate Housewives' Orson Hodge, and How I Met Your Mother's the Captain.

On the list for his Sex and the City character, MacLachlan included raunchy comedies like No Hard Feelings, Blockers, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, American Pie, The Girl Next Door, and The Package — not-so-subtle allusions to McDougal's performance issues and off-kilter sex drive during his marriage to Charlotte Wells (Kristin Davis).

<p>hbo/Everett Collection</p> Kyle MacLachlan as Trey MacDougal and Kristin Davis as Charlotte Wells on 'Sex and the City'

hbo/Everett Collection

Kyle MacLachlan as Trey MacDougal and Kristin Davis as Charlotte Wells on 'Sex and the City'

Also on the list: Mommie Dearest and Monster-in-Law, presumably in reference to Trey's too-close relationship to his overbearing mother, which creates further marital strain for Charlotte. Baby Mama also makes the list (alluding to Trey and Charlotte's fertility issues), as well as Braveheart — which is the most likely film on the list to actually be one of Trey's favorites, as he maintains an unabashed pride in his Scottish heritage.

Meanwhile, the list of films for FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper includes two of MacLachlan’s own movies, both of which are collaborations with David Lynch: Blue Velvet, which served as MacLachlan's breakthrough performance after Dune, and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, which saw the actor reprise his role as Cooper from the beloved '90s TV series.

Many of Cooper's other favorites echo elements of Twin Peaks. Persona deals with doubling, and Waitress evokes similar diner aesthetics to the series. Meanwhile, Suspiria revolves around a community's dark, supernatural underbelly, and Being There features a similarly softspoken protagonist to Dale's alter ego Dougie Jones. Double Indemnity features a character dictating his innermost thoughts into a machine in a manner similar to Dale's voice recordings. And Rear Window, Anatomy of a Murder, and Laura (the last of which is aptly named similarly to Twin Peaks' victim Laura Palmer) all concern investigating a murder case.

Everett Collection Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper on 'Twin Peaks'
Everett Collection Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper on 'Twin Peaks'

MacLachlan also lists Orson Hodges' top 10 movies: Compromising Position, Novocaine, Little Shop of Horrors, Horrible Bosses, One Sunday Afternoon, Cactus Flower, Because I Said So, Fatal Attraction, Brief Encounter, and The In-Laws.

As for the Captain, MacLachlan simply offers 10 nautical classics: Captain Phillips, Jaws, Battleship Potemkin, Titanic, Battleship, A Night to Remember, The Breaking Point, Moby Dick, Das Boot, and Under Siege.

Other celebrities on Letterboxd include Martin Scorsese, The Bear's Ayo Edebiri, Bottoms' Rachel Sennot, The Haunting of Hill House helmer Mike Flanagan, and The Florida Project filmmaker Sean Baker.

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