Kyle Walker hits back at Lauryn Goodman's claims as he mends marriage to wife Annie

Lauryn Goodman
Lauryn claimed Kyle extended an invite -Credit:Getty

Kyle Walker has hit back at his ex, Lauryn Goodman, over her 'wild' claims following the birth of his sixth child.

The England footballer reportedly refuted allegations made by Lauryn that he had invited her and their two children to watch him play at Euro 2024.

In a bombshell revelation last December, it emerged that Kyle had fathered two kids with social media influencer Lauryn Goodman while still married to his wife Annie Kilner.

Annie declared she was stepping back from their marriage after the news broke, but the couple have since reconciled and recently celebrated the arrival of their fourth child together.

The Daily Mail has reported that Lauryn told a pal she's "determined" for her children with Walker four-year-old Kairo and an eight-month-old daughter to see their dad in action at the upcoming Euros in Germany. It's also claimed that Lauryn has said Kyle "wants Kairo there [at the Euros]" and extended an invite.

However, Kyle has dismissed the notion of inviting Lauryn and the kids to the tournament, where his wife Annie would likely be with their four children. A representative for Kyle informed the Daily Mail: "Lauryn continues to pursue wild and untrue stories whilst Kyle and Annie attempt to move forward away from any drama."

They added: "All comments are being dealt with privately and through the proper legal channels as the couple do not wish to engage in further public dispute, particularly where children are involved."

Lauryn gave birth to their first child, Kairo, during a break in Kyle and Annie's relationship back in 2019. However, the couple reconciled and got hitched in 2021. A year later, Lauryn announced she was expecting Kyle's daughter.

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The Sun reported that Kyle sent Lauryn a message saying: "that win, that celebration was for Kairo" and brought his son back a World Cup from Qatar. The footballer is said to have apologised to Kairo for not taking him to the 2022 World Cup and promised to make it up to him with an invite to the Euros.

An insider told The Sun that Lauryn doesn't want to stir up trouble by attending and harbours "no malice", but says their son Kairo 'idolises' his dad. It's understood that Lauryn and Kyle haven't seen each other since the revelation of his secret family.

According to the Mirror, Kyle and Annie are now concentrating on mending their family and caring for their newborn baby. A source close to the pair stated: "Kyle and Annie are over the moon and anything in the past isn't important right now. The whole family are absolutely thrilled about the baby."

"It is a relief and a source of joy for them all. They want to move forward with their lives away from the drama from here on."

"The baby arrived over the weekend and we believe Kyle was with Annie in the hospital to support her as was always planned. Kyle has been a very involved father, and a very good father, throughout everything that has happened."

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