Kylie Jenner’s Friend Responds To Speculation Reality Star Is Using Ozempic

Kylie Jenner is seemingly taking rumors about her using Ozempic in stride — but her best friend apparently won’t.

Social media users flooded Jenner’s accounts with accusations of using the diabetes drug, which is popular for weight loss, following the birth of her son Aire in 2022. The rumor grew in January when Travis Scott, her ex-boyfriend and Aire’s father, was featured on “BACKRooMS.”

“She doin’ Ozempic, tryna be different,” he raps in the Playboi Carti song.

While Scott doesn’t reveal just who is “tryna be a newer woman” in his verse, many took it as confirmation of Jenner’s post-pregnancy regimen. Some even flocked to the TikTok page of Yris Palmer, her best friend, after she posted a video of her and Jenner dancing.

“Ozempic is slaying,” wrote one person in the comments, with another stating “I need ozempic” and a third user writing, “Oxempy is working over time” — to which Palmer publicly responded: “Actually my friend is back to her pre baby weight and looks amazing.”

Jenner has yet to comment on the matter. While some hesitate to admit it (which Amy Schumer feels is silly), others, like Sharon Osbourne and Chelsea Handler, went public about using the weight loss drug.

Experts say the conversation around Ozempic can trigger people with eating disorders.

Palmer presumably defended her friend as Jenner experienced postpartum depression. The billionaire cosmetics mogul has been quite candid about how central her post-pregnancy physique has been in that struggle and shared as much with fans.

Palmer (left), model Jordyn Woods and Jenner (right) in 2018.
Palmer (left), model Jordyn Woods and Jenner (right) in 2018. Emma McIntyre via Getty Images

“I just keep reminding myself I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy,” she said on Instagram after Aire’s birth. “We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be ‘back.’ Not even physically, just mentally, after birth. So yeah, just sending some love.”

Jenner shared another clip at the time of herself walking on a treadmill and reportedly said losing weight “might look a lot easier for other people” online. She saluted all the other “moms going through it right now” because “it hasn’t been easy for me either.”

She added, “It’s been hard. But I’m here, and I’m feeling better. So you got this!”

Jenner has since continued to document and share her workouts with fans on TikTok, and while some users claimed on Palmer’s page that they “didn’t even recognize kylie” — or callously asked, “Kylie Jenner is that you.” It appears the 26-year-old is unbothered, as her focus of late has been on her reported new beau, Timothée Chalamet.