Kylie Minogue: I’m relieved I didn’t find fame in social media age

Kylie Minogue says she is relieved that she did not rise to fame in the age of social media.

The pop star, 52, recently became the first woman to top the UK album chart over five consecutive decades.

Minogue, who has also branched out into winemaking, selling her millionth bottle this month, said the chart milestone confirmed she had been on “the right path”.

“To be the first solo female to achieve this is something I’m really proud of,” the pop star told the PA news agency.

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue (Darenote Ltd/PA)

“I never would have imagined this when I started out, but I do know what I have given to this career so it’s truly heartwarming (and mind-blowing) to feel like I’ve been on the right path.”

Asked whether she was relieved that she did not rise to fame in an age of social media, the former Neighbours star said: “I think the answer is yes.

“I have tried to put my teenage self into the modern frame and to be honest, I can’t imagine how I would, or wouldn’t, have handled it.

“It can be such a wonderful source of connect but, as we all know now, it isn’t always easy.”

Minogue, who released her latest album, Disco, last year, can picture herself on stage in another decade.

“If the next 10 years go as fast as the last 10, then I’d like to imagine that I could still be recording and performing live,” she told PA.

“I still love acting so perhaps more of that.”

Minogue, who recently quashed rumours that she and boyfriend Paul Solomons are planning to tie the knot, said “it feels totally surreal” to be selling her millionth bottle of wine.

She first launched her wine collection, with a rose, last year.

Kylie Minogue Wines’ Prosecco Rosé
Kylie Minogue Wines’ Prosecco Rosé

“I’m overwhelmed with this milestone. To think that we are just about to celebrate our first birthday and have been able to reach so many people is just amazing,” she said.

She is launching a rose prosecco in a lovers’ bottle.

“I had so many requests for pink bubbles so I wanted to deliver on that front.

“The prosecco is delicious and I can’t wait to share it with friends.

The lovers bottle (with de-bossed glass love hearts) is a tribute to fans the world over, who I call lovers because of the song All The Lovers, and embodies the sentiment behind the pink prosecco – love.”

Minogue said of lockdown: “I have missed performing so much. Missed being with my team, my crew and the crazy travelling circus of touring.

“Were things different, I would already have the Disco tour planned but we have all had to adapt and be patient.

“When the time comes that I can get on the road, I will love every single second of it.”